Duke Villain JJ Redick Doesn’t Hold Back on Insulting UNC Fans: ‘They Have an Inferiority Complex’

Former Duke Blue Devils star JJ Redick is one of the most hated college basketball players of all time. But for UNC basketball fans specifically, the hatred runs deeper.

Redick torched the Tar Heels on numerous occasions during his four years with the Dukies and was never shy about letting Carolina fans know it.

More than 16 years later, ahead of the biggest game in the storied rivalry’s history, he’s still talking junk to UNC fans.

JJ Redick was a player fans loved to hate during his time at Duke

Former Duke star JJ Redick had no qualms about going after UNC basketball fans.
Duke’s JJ Redick reacts after grabbing a loose ball. | Kevin C. Cox/WireImage

The Blue Devils’ history is filled with college basketball villains.

Christian Laettner probably takes the cake for his run during the early ’90s. But the runner-up is certainly Redick.

And as is the case with most hated players, Redick was really good.

Some of his accomplishments at Duke:

  • Two-time Consensus All-American
  • Wooden Award Winner
  • Naismith Award Winner
  • Two-time ACC Player of the Year
  • All-ACC Team member all four years
  • 2005-06 AP Player of the Year

JJ scored 2,769 career points, hit 1,126 career threes, and was a part of three Sweet 16 teams as well as a Final Four squad in 2003-04.

But he was loathed anywhere outside Cameron Indoor Stadium to the point that he almost quit basketball after his sophomore season.

No one hated Redick as much as North Carolina fans, though. And the feeling was always mutual.

JJ has chilled a bit as he’s gotten older, but he still apparently holds some grudges against Tar Heels fans.

Redick is still torching UNC basketball fans, now claiming they have an “inferiority complex”

The two teams have the fiercest rivalry in college basketball history. Duke-UNC is on par with Yankees-Red Sox, Packers-Bears, and Celtics-Lakers.

Except if one team lived eight miles from the other. North Carolina’s campus is eight miles from Duke’s campus down Tobacco Road.

(Imagine if Larry Bird and Magic Johnson lived just down the street from each other during the height of the 1980s. Yikes.)

Now the two square off for the first time in NCAA Men’s Tournament history. But it’s not just any March Madness game. The rivalry hits the sport’s hottest stage in the Final Four.

And during legendary Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski’s final season in charge of the Blue Devils program.

So, of course, Redick took his chance to bash UNC fans on national TV during March 29’s episode of ESPN’s First Take:

I’ve always felt that Carolina fans hate Duke fans way more than Duke fans hate Carolina fans. And the reason is that people that go to Carolina — and there’s a lot of people in North Carolina that are UNC fans that didn’t go to Carolina — but people in North Carolina and UNC fans all over the country, they have an inferiority complex. They have an inferiority complex, and that’s just part of the rivalry.

Duke legend JJ Redick on the UNC-Duke basketball rivalry

Tar Heels fans would say (and have said for a long time) that Duke is a rich-kid private school, while North Carolina is a public university for the people.

(According to the Duke University admission page, yearly tuition and fees for undergrads are set at $60,594.)

But according to Redick, that’s just an inferiority complex talking.

UNC and Duke will play what may be the most anticipated college basketball game of all time

Fellow former Duke star Jay Williams also weighed in on the historic game during an episode of ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill and Max, but was a little more impartial than JJ was.

“This is the biggest game in college basketball history,” he said. “Duke-North Carolina in the Final Four is the biggest basketball game in the history of the sport.”

A rivalry like that on a stage like this? They don’t come any better.

It’s going to be fun to watch that inferiority complex match up with that pretentiousness.

All statistics courtesy of Sports Reference.

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