Dwayne Haskins Could Have an Opportunity to Make the Panthers’ QB Situation Very Interesting

Dwayne Haskins is currently looking for a new job. Only being in the NFL for two years, he has had his share of adversity. Some of it he brought on himself with poor decision making and lack of accountability. He is hoping to get one more chance to prove his worth to an NFL franchise.

The Carolina Panthers are going into an offseason where many changes could take place. Matt Rhule is looking to improve an offense that failed to produce enough points. They have Teddy Bridgewater under contract, but Haskins could make Carolina’s quarterback situation very interesting.

Dwayne Haskins will visit with the Panthers

The Panthers are already doing their due diligence, making sure they are exploring other options at quarterback. The team will welcome Dwayne Haskins to their facilities Monday for a visit, per ESPN. The visit is considered exploratory but shows that Carolina isn’t too set on its current quarterback situation. 

The Washington Football team recently released Haskins. He dealt with immaturity issues during his time there, including two separate instances where he violated COVID-19 protocols. He was pictured at a private event without a mask, which resulted in him being fined $40,000 by Washington and his captaincy revoked. 

Haskins was selected No. 15 overall by Washington in 2019. He went 3-10 in 13 starts for the team, throwing for 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Since his release, he has received some interest from other teams, as he is only 23-years old and has shown flashes of his potential. Coaches want to see more accountability and preparation from Haskins, something he lacked in Washington.

According to ESPN, Rhule was interested in Haskins when he was the head coach at Temple. Haskins ended up playing at Ohio State, where he threw for 50 touchdowns in his lone season as the starter. Carolina’s interest in Haskins shouldn’t be too surprising since Rhule didn’t commit to any quarterback coming into 2021.

Panthers’ Coach Matt Rhule doesn’t commit to a QB for 2021

Matt Rhule is coming into his second season as Carolina’s head coach. He is looking for improvement from signed Teddy Bridgewater, who inked a three-year, $63 million contract last year. After what was a lackluster season for the Panthers’ offense, Rhule didn’t say if Bridgewater would be the starter next season, leaving the door open for some quarterback controversy.

“We’ll see what happens moving forward. Teddy is here. I have a lot of respect for him. I believe in what he can do. I’ve seen glimpses, flashes of us as an offense looking really good,” said Rhule per ESPN. The offense couldn’t get a realistic picture of what they were because McCaffrey missed 13 games with various injuries. Bridgewater also dealt with injuries in 2020, which impacted his play, according to Rhule. 

“Teddy played well early on in the season. I personally feel since Teddy got hurt the second half of the Tampa Bay game, Teddy hasn’t played his best football,” Rhule said. Bridgewater played in 15 games this season, throwing for 3,733 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He didn’t play his best football late in the season, having two touchdowns and four picks in his final four games.

Rhule’s non-commitment to Bridgewater next season is interesting, especially since they are bringing in Dwayne Haskins for a visit. This is a good sign for Haskins, as he may get another chance to be an NFL quarterback.

Dwayne Haskins could succeed in the Panthers’ system 


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Just a couple of weeks ago, things were looking bleak for Haskins. He was released from Washington after playing poorly in a game he could’ve redeemed himself. Ironically, it was against the Panthers. There is no guarantee that this visit to Washington on Monday will lead to him signing with them, but he could thrive in that offense.

The Panthers’ offense is loaded with talent at the skill positions. Christian McCaffrey is the biggest name, but Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore, and Mike Davis all had great seasons in 2020. Each of them had at least 1,000 scrimmage yards individually. Having the plethora of weapons would ease some of the pressure off Haskins’ shoulders. 

Rhule is exceptional at developing players and programs into winning cultures. He did so during his time with Temple and Baylor. What Haskins needs in his next NFL stop is structure, and someone who is going to help him grow on and off the field. Being in Carolina with Rhule will give him that chance to improve as a person. If Haskins makes the internal commitment, he could turn his career around with the Panthers.

Dwayne Haskins might get another shot at being an NFL quarterback. He will have to wow the Panthers on Monday, showing them that he is committed to the gridiron and becoming more responsible. If he gets his shot with Carolina, he could create some controversy and get a shot at becoming an NFL starter once again.

All stats courtesy of ESPN