Dwight Howard Appears to Support a Controversial Conspiracy Theory

Dwight Howard was drafted into the NBA in 2004 with the first pick by the Orlando Magic. He was considered the NBA big man of the future. His eight seasons with the Orlando Magic were his most successful winning numerous awards, including the defensive player of the year and All-NBA first-team honors. He also led the league in rebounds and blocks per game multiple times.

After leaving the Orlando Magic, He bounced around several other NBA teams and is now trying to redefine himself with the Los Angeles Lakers in his second stint. Throughout his career, Howard has managed to keep a steady trail of controversy back-dating to the circumstances that saw him leave the Magic and the Lakers. His latest controversy has raised eyebrows among basketball fans and the NBA front office as well. 

Dwight Howard is not big on wearing masks 

Dwight Howard looking on during a Lakers game
Dwight Howard looks on during a Lakers game | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram video, Howard confessed that he had been reported to the league’s front office for not wearing a mask per the Disney World NBA guidelines. In the video, Howard expressed his annoyance for someone reporting him as well as on the instructions and health protocols set by the NBA to protect the players while in the “Bubble.”

At one point in the video, Howard said, “I personally don’t see a risk of us getting it during the time period we’re here.” 

While Howard doesn’t see the problem in not wearing the mask in places like the hotel lobby, the NBA took the tip seriously and sent a warning to Howard. 

Howard explained that Disney World was the safest place to be, and he didn’t see the need to wear the mask because they weren’t around anyone who is coming in and out of Disney World. But that’s not entirely true.

Although the players, coaches, and technical staff can’t leave the bubble, the Disney World employees are allowed to come and go, which is why it’s critical to wear a mask even inside the bubble.

It’s not just about the masks, Howard doesn’t believe in vaccinations either 

Howard can’t seem to catch a break as he keeps releasing one controversial statement after the other. In a more recent video, Howard was asked by one of his followers if he believes in vaccination. 

His response was, “No, I don’t, That’s my personal opinion, but no, I don’t.” Considering the NBA might require players to get a coronavirus injection once it becomes available, Howard’s comments might complicate the situation even further. 

Despite the backlash that followed Howard’s comments on wearing a Mask in Orlando, he still wasn’t wearing a mask in his latest release, where he confessed to not believing in vaccinations.

It is possible Dwight Howard also believes in the QAnon conspiracy theory


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Howard’s recent comments have driven fans into investigative mode, trying to unearth other unpopular beliefs that the Laker’s center is possibly hiding. 

A twitter user noted that Howard follows three QAnon accounts. The QAnon theory is a controversial one to say the least, and Howard might simply be curious about conspiracy theories in general.

Still, going by his recent confessions on Instagram Live, it’s safe to say that Howard’s opinions aren’t exactly based on science or facts. It’s also possible he could be particularly interested in the QAnon conspiracy theory. 

Fan’s had varying reactions to the possible ties of Howard to the QAnon theory. A majority of the fans thought the QAnon ideologies and Howard paying any attention to them was hilarious.

In contrast, others thought it was in Howard’s character to follow such a group, while another Twitter user thought Howard was exercising his critical thinking.