Dwight Howard Shockingly Called Out by His Son Braylon

Dwight Howard has put forth an NBA career that could one day put him in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Howard has added another impressive feat to his resume by earning his first NBA title after helping push the LA Lakers to a championship. However, the attention around the former star big man has moved away from his basketball career and over to the relationship with his son Braylon.

Dwight Howard helps guide Lakers to an NBA title

Dwight Howard entered last offseason after a disappointing campaign cut short due to a back injury.

Following DeMarcus Cousins suffering a devastating torn ACL over the summer, it opened the door to Howard getting a chance to return to the Lakers. The former star big man committed to a one-year deal that was initially non-guaranteed.

Howard fulfilled his role quite well in his first year in LA as he played a pivotal spot in the frontcourt. Although his minutes fluctuated through the season and playoffs, he made the most of his playing time and never let that impact his attitude or approach to the game.

His contributions helped push the Lakers to their 17th NBA title and the first of his career. However, the focus has seemingly shifted away from basketball and over to a personal matter that concerns one of his sons.

Dwight Howard’s son Braylon calls him out

Dwight Howard has had a busy life off the court over his lengthy NBA career, including fathering five children from five different women.

Howard’s personal life has cropped up yet again as his 12-year-old son, Braylon Howard, recently bashed him in a leaked recorded video. (H/T Larry Brown Sports)

“As of right now, I hate you. And I’m not saying this because someone told me to. I actually hate you. You don’t talk to me at all. … Only time you do something with us is if we’re with you, and that’s rarely when we’re with you.”

Braylon covered various topics in the video stating that Howard doesn’t talk to him or message him in any capacity despite his efforts. There is plenty of raw emotion spewing from a long history of a splintered relationship over the years.

Royce Reed, Braylon’s mother, publicly called out the 34-year-old two weeks ago for neglecting his son. Howard is amid the feeling of winning an NBA title, but there are clearly things that need to be repaired away from his craft centered on mending his relationship with one of his sons.

NBA future remains in his hands


What Dwight Howard Believes Has Led to Career Revival With Lakers

As difficult as it is to shift gears away from that off-the-court subject, Dwight Howard has a crucial decision ahead in free agency in the coming weeks.

Howard is entering the open market after completing his one-year, $2.5 million deal with LA last season. The former star big man followed through with his words by sliding over effectively into a bench role with the Lakers, which has made an intriguing free agent prospect.

LA is expected to make a strong push to retain his services, but early reports suggest that the Golden State Warriors could make a strong push to land him. Howard has demonstrated he can remain a significant factor defensively and rebounding despite playing in a limited role.

The coming weeks will be quite telling of what type of market will form around him in free agency.