Dwyane Wade Honored Kobe Bryant in a Special Way

Former NBA star Dwyane Wade honored his dear friend and NBA legend Kobe Bryant in a special way. On Instagram, he previewed a glimpse of the new colorways of his signature shoe.

Wade showed that three different pairs of the shoes are inspired by Kobe Bryant.

The remarkable NBA career that Kobe Bryant had

When Bryant was playing in the NBA, he had Hall of Fame status written all over him. Bryant always wanted to be the best player on the court, and he wanted to win at all costs. His hard work and dedication is something that sticks out because no one put the work in like Bryant did. He would come in early before games and get work in, and he would stay after-hours when games ended and get shots up or work on ways to improve his game.

Bryant loved the game of basketball. You could tell by how he talked about the game, that he had so much passion for it. From his rookie season to the time he retired, he was a student of the game. If he wasn’t on the court practicing, he was watching film, whether it was himself or other players. Bryant could break the game down to a tee, that’s how much knowledge he had of the game. During games, Bryant would coach his teammates and let them know where they should be on certain plays and let them know how to guard opposing players.

Bryant was a five-time NBA champion who won three consecutive titles with the Lakers from 2000 to 2002 and then won two straight in 2009 and 2010. He’s had both of his jersey numbers retired by the same team. Bryant capped off his amazing 20-year career with a 60-point game during his final performance in front of the Staples Center. His career and legacy will always be remembered, and he touched so many people throughout his life.

Dwyane Wade had a special relationship with Kobe Bryant

Wade and Bryant had numerous battles on the court over their careers. They had the opportunity to be teammates on the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team. During his career, Wade said that he built a relationship with Bryant. A few months ago, Wade joined Bleacher Report’s Live AMA session and talked about his relationship with Bryant.

“I could call him anytime and vice versa. That’s one of the relationships that I’m proud of. To be able to have one with one of my fave players of all time was special,” Wade said. Not only did Bryant have an impact on Wade’s life and career, but Wade also had an impact on Bryant’s too. Both players dominated the league during their careers, and they each had a lot of respect for one another.

Dwyane Wade shoes honoring Kobe Bryant

Wade’s signature shoe, Way of Wade, have multiple pairs that feature the Lakers color scheme. Both of Bryant’s numbers are displayed on the tongue of the shoes. Many people want Bryant’s legacy to continue to live on because he inspired so many people. Even athletes outside the basketball followed Bryant and were huge fans of his.

Wade will never forget the relationship that he had with Bryant, and with him coming up with shoes inspired by Bryant just shows how much Bryant meant to him. Even though Bryant died way too soon, he still has an impact on basketball and many people’s lives.