Dwyane Wade Left Jordan and Signed a Lifetime Shoe Deal With a Chinese Company

Dwyane Wade enjoyed a successful NBA career and made a lot of money on the court. He also made a lot of money off the court through different endorsements and brands.

Wade had different shoe deals with Converse and Jordan. After leaving those two brands, he decided to sign with a Chinese brand and would become a part of the brand for life.

Dwyane Wade’s first shoe contract

In the summer of 2003, Wade signed with Converse, and the deal was for six years and $400,000 a year. Converse took a chance on the young star. It’s a dream come true for a rookie to have a shoe deal already before they play a professional game.

In 2005, Converse released Wade’s first signature shoe. Wade’s career was starting to take off, and he was gaining a lot of fans, and that was doing helping out Converse too. In 2006 Wade’s signature shoe, The Converse Wade 1, sold over 1 million pairs globally.

Wade would continue to have success with Converse. He would win a championship in 2006 wearing the Wade 1 shoes. Though he would have success, his contract with Converse expired, and he did not stay with the shoe brand.

Wade’s second shoe deal with Jordan

After his time with Converse, he would join the Jordan Brand. He was not with Jordan for as long as he was with Converse. Wade did have a few shoes released under the Jordan Brand, and he had the opportunity to have a shoe deal with one of his idols that he grew up watching.

Just like the business of the NBA, Wade and the Jordan Brand decided to mutually part ways. That happened right during the offseason in 2012 right during the Miami Heat were playing some of the best basketball in the history of the NBA.

Wade signing with a Chinese brand

When Wade decided to part ways with Jordan, he decided that he was not going to join a well-known brand like Nike or Adidas. He chose to join Li-Ning, which was a surprise for many. In October of 2012, Wade signed a 10-year contract that was worth around $60 million, plus equity in the business.

Wade and Li-Ning released seven different signature shoes by the summer of 2013. There was a lot of success with Wade and his new shoe brand. Wade established a close relationship with Li-Ning, and in the summer of 2018, Wade signed a lifetime contract with Li-Ning. At the time, he joined Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Christiano Ronaldo as the only athletes at the time to sign life-time contracts.

Wade is locked in with the Chinese brand. Throughout his career, the future Hall of Fame guard dominated in the league, and his production paid off in the long run. Now he will continue to make money from a shoe brand, and he won’t even be playing in a game anymore. Wade is enjoying retirement, and he is in a great position financially. Wade transformed from a rookie out of Marquette in 2003 to one of the greatest players to play in the NBA.