Dwyane Wade Says Richard Hamilton Was 1 of the Toughest NBA Players to Guard

Dwyane Wade had a stellar NBA career. The guard from Chicago, Illinois, spent 16 seasons in the league, winning three NBA championships with the Miami Heat. The 13-time NBA All-Star was named NBA Finals MVP in 2006 and was the NBA scoring champion in 2009.

Wade played against a lot of players during his career. In light of the coronavirus causing leagues to suspend its seasons, Wade wanted to have a little fun. He held a Q&A on Twitter to engage with NBA fans.

One person asked Wade, who were the toughest three players he had to guard. Though most people could predict one person, he would say, the other two players may have come to a surprise to others.

Who are the 3?

Take a look at who Wade listed as the top three toughest players he had to guard throughout his NBA career.

Kobe Bryant

Everyone could see this one coming. Bryant is one of the best players ever to play the game. At the two-guard position, his ability to score was unattainable. He could beat you in so many ways, even if you play great defense on him. Wade faced Kobe many times in his career. Wade looked up to Bryant and was gracious to have the chance to compete against one of the best players ever.

Richard (Rip) Hamilton

Being in the Eastern Conference as a member of the Pistons, Hamilton and Wade had their fair share in matchups. Wade faced the Pistons three separate times in the playoffs. So, he was well aware of Hamilton’s game. Hamilton would run you crazy if you were guarding him. You had to make sure you were ready to run through screens and never stay still defending Hamilton. Hamilton’s bread and butter were running off those screens catching and shooting that mid-range shot. He was like an energizer bunny who just never stopped, and Wade had the pleasure of guarding him.

Baron Davis

No one would have imagined Wade putting Davis in that list, but there’s a reason he’s in it. Davis and Wade had a few matchups in the postseason. Davis was a physical guard who can beat you in the post. And he could get to the basket at any time using his strength. Wade had to make sure he was physical every time he guarded Davis, and that can take a toll on you. And not to mention you had to have the energy on offense too. Davis was one of those underrated players in the league. Watching highlights of Davis, you can see why Wade put him on that list.

Wade defending the best

Wade never backed down from a challenge. He wanted to play against the best night in and night out. Playing against those other top players helped improve his game and make him into one of the best two-guards the NBA has ever seen.

Wade could do more than just score; he was known as a high-level defender too. He was made the NBA All-Defensive Second Team three times in his career. Wade was an overall high-level player.