Dwyane Wade Is Worth $170 Million After Becoming an NBA Superstar but Is Jealous of a Bench Player

Dwyane Wade became one of the greatest players in NBA history with the Miami Heat. This helped him become a pretty wealthy man, too, as his superstardom ultimately paid off. However, despite his wealth, Wade recently admitted that if he could come back into the league today, he would want to be a specific bench player who is currently playing in the league. That bench player is Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson.

Dwyane Wade’s career with the Miami Heat made him pretty wealthy

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After going to the Miami Heat with the fifth overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft, Dwyane Wade became a superstar. He ended up earning 13 All-Star selections in his career, led the NBA in points per game in one season in 2008-09, and helped lead the Heat to five total appearances in the NBA Finals, where he won three championships.

Those three championships included the title in 2005-06 when he was Finals MVP. In a 4-2 win over the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals that year, Wade averaged 34.7 points per game and 7.8 rebounds in six games to help the Heat get the win.

Overall in his career, Wade averaged 22 points per game and 5.4 assists. He also finished in the top 35 in NBA/ABA history in total career points with 23,165.

Dwyane Wade’s career with the Heat — as well as with the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers — helped him become a wealthy man, too. He earned $196.38 million on the court during his career. Additionally, endorsements and other opportunities that have come his way due to his superstardom, along with his basketball earnings, have helped Wade rack up an estimated $170 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

However, despite his wealth, Wade seems to be somewhat jealous of Jordan Clarkson.

Dwyane Wade wants to be Jordan Clarkson

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Dwyane Wade recently appeared on Inside the NBA on TNT, and he had nothing but praise for Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson. This came after Clarkson scored 20 points in a win over the Boston Celtics.

“I just want to say, if I can come back again in the NBA, I want to be Jordan Clarkson,” Wade said on the March 16 episode. “I don’t want to be a superstar because I want to keep my knees good and all that. I want to be Jordan Clarkson. Come off the bench, shoot it anytime I want, dress fly as hell — ultra-green light, dress fly as hell when he walk in, and just go home and chill. That’s who I want to be.”

Wade certainly has some admiration for Clarkson, and was most likely kidding when saying that he would want to be him. But he actually made some good points, as Clarkson is shooting 14.9 shots per game this season in 25.9 minutes. He shoots it well, too, as he is averaging 18 points per game off the bench for the Jazz. Additionally, every player in the league who shoots more shots per game than he does plays in more than 29 minutes per night, and none of them come off the bench every game. So, as Wade said, he gets the ultra-green light whenever he is on the court.

This means that Clarkson essentially doesn’t have the pressure that superstars have on them, but he still gets to just go out and ball. The only negative for Wade in this scenario, though, would be that Clarkson is not worth nearly as much as him.

Jordan Clarkson’s net worth is $145 million less than the Miami Heat legend’s

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Jordan Clarkson has been a productive player in the NBA, but the fact that he is not a superstar has given him a significantly smaller net worth than Dwyane Wade.

Clarkson has made an estimated $61.17 million through his NBA career so far. He will actually get somewhat close to Wade’s career basketball earnings by the end of his contract, though. Once Clarkson’s contract is up in 2023-24, his career earnings will be over $101 million. However, while Wade has a $170 million net worth, Clarkson is only worth an estimated $25 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. That’s a significantly smaller amount.

Obviously, Dwyane Wade probably wasn’t serious when saying he’d want to be Jordan Clarkson. He just wanted to show Clarkson some love. But had he been a player like Clarkson instead of the NBA legend he ultimately became, Wade’s current wealth would be significantly less.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference; Contract numbers of Spotrac