EA Sports Finally Hears Fans’ Cries, Will Reboot College Football Video Game

It has been a long time since any news of a new college football video game was announced. EA Sports dominated the market with the NCAA Football series but stopped producing the game in 2013. Since the company stopped making the game, fans have been vocal about having the game return to gaming consoles. It was a game many sports fans enjoyed because of the electrifying atmosphere and inclusive game modes.

The cries of the fans wanting this popular game back have finally been heard. EA Sports looks like it is preparing to bring back NCAA Football, but not under that same name. The company is doing some rebranding, hoping to bring this classic game back with a modern feel.

EA Sports is bringing back their college football video game series

According to ESPN, EA Sports is bringing back their college football video game. The game will have a new title, as it will now be called EA Sports College Football. The company announced the news on its Twitter account. “For those who never stopped believing…,” is what the tweet said, citing the fans who always hoped the game would make its return. Sports video game fans can finally rejoice.

Even though the company hasn’t made a standalone college football video game, they’ve incorporated college football components into their Madden video game. Players could use a created character to play a few games in college before moving on to the NFL. The feedback from fans about this showed EA Sports that they still want a college football video game.

“We know [fans] are itching for it, and we know we can develop and deliver a great college football experience, so why are we waiting?” said EA Sports vice president and general manager Daryl Holt.

The game has no set release date and will be coming to next-gen consoles. Nevertheless, gaming fans will get a new version of EA Sports College Football soon. How was the company able to bring the game back, and what does that mean for NCAA players?

What does the game mean for NCAA football players?

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When EA Sports announced they were stopping their college football franchise, they were dealing with a lawsuit from former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon. Bannon’s lawsuit argued that the video game company cant use characters that looked very similar to real-world athletes without compensation. Current NCAA rules prohibit EA Sports from paying players to use their name, image, and likeness. 

Given the rules, EA Sports can’t use any details that resemble real-life players. The company said that some schools weren’t interested in licensing their names and logos anymore, which caused an unauthentic game experience. That’s why the game stopped being produced. With the schools now open to licensing themselves again, EA can restart the college football game series. 

EA has partnered with the collegiate licensing company CLC to help this game come to fruition. Because of this partnership, EA was able to make sure school names, logos, playbooks, traditions, and more were accurate and can be used in their game. Despite the NCAA rules, EA is planning to use names, images, and likeness of college players. The rule is likely to be changed in the next year.

“We’ll just keep tabs on everything as it develops, and we’ll be ready,” Holt said. “That won’t be a problem for us. But it’s really, that’s not an answer for us right now to decide.”

What will be in the EA Sports College Football reboot?

With the news that college football will be coming back to gaming consoles, fans are already anxious to hear about what is in store for the game. They will have to be patient, as the details for what is in the game are very slim. The game is in the early development stages, but Holt said that gameplay is the team’s focus.

“Whether that’s a reimagining or an evolution of things that were in the game before or new things and new ways to play, I don’t want to get into the details of what we’re already planning and what we’ll put in that. But it will be something that our core fans if they appreciated and loved NCAA 14, they will love this game because that’s just the starting point,” said Holt.

One of the features many loved about the NCAA Football series was importing a draft class from NCAA to Madden. The company is experimenting with things, but Holt said looking at what constitutes a football career and giving the fans the most authentic experience is essential. The game will have over 100 FBS schools, so players will have a plethora of teams to choose from. 

“We make sure we deliver what our college football game players would want in a game. And that starts with just a very immersive experience, and there’s lots of things we can do to bring the true college game play and game day to the virtual world,” Holt said.

College Football is making a comeback, and gaming fans can’t be more excited.