Eagles HC Doug Pederson Doesn’t Sound Ready to Give Up on Carson Wentz Just Yet

This was supposed to be the year of Carson Wentz. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has had lousy luck since entering the NFL. Sometimes, that luck is due to his penchant for ill-timed injuries — as was the case in 2017. However, other times it’s due to his struggles and inability to show even a base amount of consistency when he isn’t hurt.

Five years in and people are still waiting for Wentz to break out. Because of this, rumors are already swirling about his future with the Eagles. But Eagles coach Doug Pederson helped squelch these right away. 

Carson Wentz’s roller-coaster ride

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Wentz came into the NFL with already high expectations. Coming out of North Dakota State, Wentz was already believed to be one of his draft class’s best quarterbacks. With this came a lofty set of expectations from the famously passionate Philadelphia fan base. Wentz showed some promise right away. 

Wentz had a promising rookie season, throwing for 3,782 yards and 16 touchdowns along the way. However, he also showed a penchant for throwing the ball to the other team just as often as he did to his teammates. He finished that year with 14 interceptions. During year number two, however, Wentz shook off the rust. 

Wentz led the Eagles to an 11-2 record before an injury took him out for the postseason. He was forced to watch as Nick Foles hoisted the Super Bowl trophy as his replacement QB. Still in his second year, however, Wentz was happy to be a part of a Super Bowl-winning team. He struggled to stay healthy in 2018 but looked good when he played. In 2019, he returned to a similar form as 2017, but the Eagles struggled to provide much help. 

This season, Wentz had all the makings of a breakout season. He has a massive contract and the keys to the franchise’s offense. However, after starting the season at 3-6-1 and matching his 14 touchdowns with as many interceptions, Wentz is again underachieving. This has led to rumors about his future as the quarterback of the Eagles. 

Is it Jalen Hurts’ time to shine? 

Wentz is approaching the end of his 20s, and the Eagles still haven’t shown the ability to recreate his 2017 success. After drafting Jalen Hurts, many wondered if Wentz was up against the wall. Hurts had a strange college career, starting at Alabama and making him one of the country’s best quarterbacks until Tua Tagovailoa shocked the world and took over his spot. 

Hurts transferred to Oklahoma for his senior year and quickly made his case for Heisman before exiting the college ranks. He threw for 3,851 yards, 32 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. However, after the Sooners failed to live up to early expectations, his stock fell ever-so-slightly, and the Eagles swooped him up in the second round. 

With Wentz continuing to struggle, it’s not unfair to expect some Hurts time shortly, although Pederson is yet to commit to such an act. 

Is Hurts on the horizon?

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz
Eagles coach Doug Pederson and QB Carson Wentz | Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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Pederson was asked if he planned on putting Hurts in at starting quarterback. Rather than make a rash decision, however, Pederson quickly shot down any rumors of a quarterback change when talking to the press, according to Total Pro Sports. When Hurts was seen taking first-team reps, many wondered if a change was on the horizon. Pederson balked at this. 

“At that position, this late in the season when that happens, sometimes people take that as we are looking into next year or preparing for next season and giving some of these young guys an opportunity to play …

Jalen [Hurts] is preparing himself each week to play and that’s what a backup quarterback should do. My perspective is we have to get it fixed with Carson Wentz. That’s where my trust and faith lies, we can get it done. That’s where I am at … By no means am I saying that I don’t have trust or faith in Jalen. It’s a matter of getting the corrections done with Carson.”

The Eagles might have to think about the quarterback situation in the offseason, but for the time being, Wentz has the keys to the offense and can show that he still has that 2017 magic. If he doesn’t, he might need to look elsewhere to continue his story on favorable terms.