The Eagles Are Quietly Planning a Massive Offseason Move That Would Drastically Change the Direction of the Franchise

The Philadelphia Eagles are at a crossroads.

On the one hand, they have a young quarterback in Jalen Hurts and potentially three first-round picks in the offseason. The temptation to spend all three picks on talent to surround Hurts with is great. On the other hand, the Eagles potentially have three first-round picks this offseason, which is the perfect amount of ammunition to spend on an established franchise QB.

According to recent reports, it appears the Eagles have quietly made up their mind on which direction to take.

The Eagles are reportedly targeting Russell Wilson this offseason

During a recent edition of The Adam Schefter Podcast, Schefter questioned NFL insider Chris Mortensen on the possibility of significant quarterback trades commencing this upcoming offseason. Between Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and possibly Derek Carr, there projects to be a ton of QB shuffling this spring.

Once Schefter brought up Wilson’s name, Mortensen immediately shifted his attention toward the Eagles.

…the Eagles have a cachet of first-round draft picks and there’s no question in my mind that Russell Wilson would top their list. And as you know you and you might’ve reported this first, the Eagles, when Russell Wilson came out in that [2012] draft, Andy Reid was the coach, Howie Roseman was certainly in the front office, Russell Wilson was someone they thought about taking in the second round.

I know Jalen and I hope he is the guy but so far they’re not convinced. He has the rest of the year to persuade them, convince them that he’s the guy. And, let’s face it, you still get to the point where, hey, listen, Rusell Wilson we believe is a future Hall of Famer and still in his prime. So, if you have a chance to get that type of player, you get that type of player.

Chris Mortensen via The Adam Schefter Podcast

Mortensen leaves little up to imagination here. If Wilson does end up available this offseason, he believes the Eagles (three first-round picks in tow) will be at the front of the line to acquire him.

This is a realistic trade for both parties

Eagles trade target Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Blockbuster quarterback trades always look unrealistic on paper. However, this is a situation where a deal genuinely makes sense for both parties. Wilson has been involved in trade rumors since 2019, and the Eagles have long been an impatient franchise.

Even if it makes more sense to spend their first-round picks on fleshing out the roster, Philadelphia is the type of team to jump all over trading for a franchise QB. After all, they were one of the teams who performed extensive research on Deshaun Watson and his situation this past offseason.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman also flirted with the idea of drafting Wilson way back in 2012. He’s seemingly been kicking himself for missing out on Wilson ever since. It’s reasonable to assume he’d jump at the opportunity to correct his mistake a decade later.

For the Seattle Seahawks, they need draft capital moving forward if they’re to rebuild correctly. They set themselves in a hole by trading away two first-rounders for safety Jamal Adams. Trading Wilson is one way to recoup those assets.

This trade would launch the Eagles into an entirely new direction

Hypothetically landing Wilson is an excellent outcome for the Eagles. However, it drastically alters the direction their franchise is heading. They wouldn’t be able to continue rebuilding. They’d have to go all-in on capitalizing on Wilson’s final elite seasons.

Recent draft picks DeVonta Smith and Landon Dickerson would have to develop into elite players rapidly, and the Eagles would need to bring in several difference-makers on both sides of the ball. The Eagles’ linebacker room, for example, needs to be overhauled this offseason.

Are the Eagles in a position to immediately transition into contending for a Super Bowl? No, probably not. However, they wouldn’t have a choice if Wilson was somehow acquired. You don’t trade three first-round picks for a future Hall of Fame quarterback to sit around and be mediocre.

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