Earl Thomas’ Personal Demons Likely Just Ruined Any Chance of an NFL Comeback

The last several months for Earl Thomas have been nothing short than disastrous in his personal life and NFL career. The former Baltimore Ravens safety has no current traction toward getting another chance to make a comeback. Those odds took another disappointing hit after the latest off-the-field situation surrounding Thomas.

Earl Thomas’ downward fall from NFL stardom

Earl Thomas‘ NFL career took a downward spiral last August as the Ravens elected to part ways.

The decision came two days after Thomas was involved in an on-field altercation with his teammate Chuck Clark during practice. Baltimore deemed that the former Pro Bowl safety had violated the personal conduct policy that negatively impacted the team.

Several other details emerged, such as his intense exchange with teammate Brandon Williams after losing to the Cleveland Browns in 2019. He had also missed or was late to several meetings throughout his tenure.

Since then, Thomas has remained on the open market despite the apparent interest from the Dallas Cowboys. His chances of returning to the league have now taken another significant hit.

Earl Thomas’ personal demons could deny an NFL comeback

Since Earl Thomas last played for the Ravens, his personal life has continued to take more disappointing turns south. 

Thomas has experienced another concerning development as a judge recently granted his estranged wife, Nina Thomas, a restraining order against him, according to the New York Post

All that comes directly from an alleged drunken altercation one day after Christmas. In the court documents, Nina agreed to allow Earl to spend Christmas with her and her children at her parents’ home in Orange, Texas. 

Things took a discouraging turn after the seven-time Pro Bowler “chose to stay out all night drinking” on Christmas and came back the next day “visibly intoxicated.”

The court documents also indicated that he told Nina to commit an obscene gesture in front of their daughter. Those alleged actions resulted in Nina locking the 31-year-old out of the home to which he shattered a window with his fist. It led to cops coming to the location and the 2014 Super Bowl champion admitting later at the hospital that he broke the window. 

Nina also alleged that Earl voiced that he would come back to her parents’ house while he threatened to assault her if she returned to their home in Austin. All of this led to a restraining order that requires him to stay away at least 400 feet from her home and their children’s school. 

What’s lie ahead?


Earl Thomas’ Bad 2020 Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Any chance of Earl Thomas getting back onto an NFL roster took another significant hit with this latest situation.

Thomas possesses the talent to continue his professional career, but there is a repeated history of instability. His issues with his estranged wife have flared up over the last few years.

In April last year, he was involved in an incident that saw his wife allegedly hold him at gunpoint due to adultery with other women. Those actions, on top of the disruptions he created during his tenure with the Ravens, only raise more red flags around him.

All of this paints the picture of mental instability that would require teams to take extra precautionary measures around the idea of signing him. Before any pursuit of a possible NFL return, he must first get his personal life straightened out.

At this point, it’s extremely difficult to envision any franchise taking a flyer on him.