Eddie Hearn Has Boxing’s Answer to the UFC’s Fight Island

The UFC’s fight island has been very successful, and now, other organizations are looking to copy its success. Boxing, as a sport, usually leads the way, but now, boxing may follow in the UFC’s footsteps. Here’s a look at boxing promoter Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp, which takes after Fight Island in many ways.

The hype behind Fight Island

The UFC needed a place where anyone in the world could fly to and fight in, and that place was a private island in Abu Dhabi called Yas Island. While the UFC has hosted events in Abu Dhabi before, the idea of hosting events on a private island was simply new at the time, and many UFC fans were curious about what it’d look like. 

As it turns out, a fight on Fight Island looks about the same as a fight in any other place in the world. Regardless, thanks to the novelty of this idea, as well as to the many talented fighters who flew to fight on Fight Island, the events on Fight Island were a massive success.

Fans were simply hyped to see Jorge Masvidal fight Kamaru Usman, and many fans paid to see it happen. This success has encouraged the UFC to host more events on Fight Island, but at the same time, it’s also encouraged the boxing world to try the same thing, sort of. 

What is Fight Camp?

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Like ESPN reported, Eddie Hearn, a promoter for Matchroom Boxing, has created Fight Camp, which is not on an island but rather, in the backyard of Hearn’s former home.

Located in England, Fight Camp features an outdoors boxing ring. While that sounds simple, ESPN wrote that Hearn and his team spent over $1 million to build up the infrastructure for Fight Camp. 

That’s because a lot of stuff is necessary behind the scenes in order to make Fight Camp a reality. This includes room for the TV crew to stay and work in, as well as structures to protect the arena from the elements. 

As far as safety goes, there will be plenty of testing going on, according to ESPN. Fight Camp will also be using a nearby hotel where boxers will stay and train in. Additionally, since it’s an outdoors arena, ESPN reported that, “When it’s outdoors it reduces the risk of infection.” Furthermore, Hearn said that he’s restricted the number of people who will be present at the events.

While building Fight Camp was a massive undertaking, Hearn told ESPN that it actually was kind of easy. He said, “It’s actually been a bit easier than going to a venue because we can create exactly what we want on our own doorstep.”

The fights on Fight Camp

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The whole purpose of Fight Camp is to host boxing events, and ESPN said that Hearn has planned four, five-fight events for Fight Camp. The first event on Fight Camp happened on August 1st, and it was headlined by a title fight between Ted Cheeseman and Sam Eggington. Cheeseman smashed Eggington to win the IBF International light-middleweight title. 

According to DAZN, the next fight camp will happen on August 14th, and the final one will be on August 22nd. The fight on the 14th will be headlined by a clash between Felix Cash and Jason Welborn for the Commonwealth middleweight belt.

The other Fight Camp will be headlined by a heavyweight battle between Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin. The winner of this bout will more than likely get a big fight against either Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder, according to ESPN.