Emmitt Smith Cautions the Dallas Cowboys About Dak Prescott

As the Dallas Cowboys enter the offseason, the primary focus remains on resolving Dak Prescott’s future. The Cowboys are heading into the second straight year with the hope of working out a lengthy deal with Prescott. With that in mind, Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith has further underlined a potential hurdle ahead.

Dak Prescott remains working toward new deal with Cowboys

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Since the Dallas Cowboys failed to secure a long-term deal with Dak Prescott, there remains a lingering cloud over the situation.

In the months that have followed, Prescott has voiced an unwavering desire to re-sign with the franchise. Meanwhile, the front office and ownership have expressed much of the same sentiment toward the Pro Bowl quarterback.

As the offseason begins to take shape, both parties have continued to hold discussions toward a new contract. According to Todd Archer of ESPN, the hope is that they can agree on a deal before the March 9 deadline for the franchise tag.

Contract discussions are fluid, but the situation remains far from finished. As the two sides continue the negotiation process, Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith has once again weighed in on the matter.

Emmitt Smith cautions the Dallas Cowboys about Dak Prescott

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The Dallas Cowboys can’t avoid the conversations concerning Dak Prescott’s future heading into this offseason.

In recent weeks, many former Cowboy greats have weighed in on the uncertain situation. Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith is the latest to voice his opinion as he told Adam Lefkoe of Bleacher Report that Prescott is waiting for the Cowboys to hold their end of the bargain in contract talks.

“As a former player who has been in situations similar, I always ask myself this question – and this is what people should be asking of some of these people making the decisions – why would you want him to be committed to you if you’re not committed to him? He’s looking for your commitment to him,” Smith said.

Smith was in a similar situation during his tenure with the Cowboys before the 1993 season. It led to a holdout that last through the first two weeks of the campaign before agreeing to a four-year, $13.6 million deal.

That said, The Hall of Famer’s comments are quite contradictory to what he stated last offseason, where he voiced that Prescott should take a team-friendly deal. The shift in his view gives a clear understanding that Prescott sits in the power position with the matter.

The Cowboys need him to push forward toward possibly contending for much more than an NFC East title. The pressure is on the Cowboys to work out a deal with their star quarterback.

What lies ahead in Dallas?

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The Dallas Cowboys are well aware of the type of player Dak Prescott has developed into over his brief NFL career.

Prescott has become the driving force of their offense that is loaded with talented skilled-position players around him. The pieces are there for the Cowboys to become a potential Super Bowl contender in the NFC.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old is only entering the physical prime of his career. There are reasonable concerns with his health coming off a severe ankle injury, but Prescott has continued to take steps forward in his development.

The question now becomes whether the Cowboys believe he can be the quarterback to take them into Super Bowl contention. How the contract talks unfold in the coming weeks will be quite evident of what they honestly think about him.