Enes Kanter Is Planning to Accept a WWE Deal After Retiring From the NBA

Just like how Michael Jordan was so good at basketball that he started playing baseball too, Enes Kanter is planning on doing a similar transition once his NBA career is over. The Boston Celtics’ center has had a successful NBA career so far, but it’s not his only passion. Here’s a look at Enes Kanter’s career and his love of the WWE.

Enes Kanter’s career so far in the NBA

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Kanter was the 2011 third-round draft pick for the Utah Jazz and he proved himself to be a solid player on the lineup. In recent years, he’s improved his game even more and is now a rebounding machine. That said, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he hasn’t had that many chances to show off his skills so far in the season, but when the NBA returns, he’s likely to return in force as well. 

Part of the reason why he’s doing so well has to do with his quickness on the court and off the court. For example, in an interview with Shams Charania, Kanter talked about his relationship with Russell Westbrook, who is not only his favorite player, but also, one of his best friends. 

Kanter said that something that he loves about Westbrook was that Westbrook had a way of getting under anyone’s skin, even when it comes to something as mundane as Snapple drinks. Learning about this type of trash talking from his friend will come in handy for Kanter in the future.

Enes Kanter plans on joining the WWE

As Kanter told Charania, he received an offer from the WWE very recently and he plans on taking it when he retires from the NBA. Charania wasn’t really surprised by this as Kanter is a well-known fan of the WWE.

For example, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, in late 2019, Kanter won a WWE world championship for a very short time. This was the WWE’s 24/7 championship belt, which, unlike other belts, can be won and lost at anytime of the day, and it can also be won and lost by anyone, regardless of their gender. That said, since it was a 24/7 belt, he almost immediately lost the belt to the guy he beat earlier in the day.

He’s still young so it may be a while before he retires from the NBA and makes the leap to join the WWE. That said, his love for the sport, as well as his sheer athletic ability, may do him wonders in the WWE.

Will a career in the WWE pan out?


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While the WWE is a show first and foremost, it’s also an extremely demanding athletic sport. As a result, in order to succeed in the WWE for a long time, wrestlers need to be fit and to stay fit. This may not be too difficult for him right now, but age will catch up with him eventually.

On the other end of the equation will be Enes Kanter’s ability to use the mic. Trash talking and charismatic people do well in the WWE since the conversations between the wrestlers are half of the fun when people watch a WWE event. The best wrestlers, such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, can use the mic really well to sell a story or whatever the WWE wants them to sell. 

This part of the equation is the big unknown for him, as the stories that he’s part of will depend on what the WWE wants him to do. How he handles the mic is also unknown, but that’s something that his friend Westbrook could always help him with.