Eric Dickerson Doesn’t Hold Back: The Rams’ New Uniform ‘Looks Like 2 Bananas’

As the Rams get ready to move into their new stadium this fall, they’ll also introduce new uniforms. The updated outfits come after the team introduced a new logo earlier in the offseason as the Rams celebrate “a new era in Los Angeles.”

As is usually the case when a sports team introduces a new uniform, reactions are mixed. One of the biggest critics of the team’s updated look is none other than one of the Rams’ best players ever, Eric Dickerson. Here’s what he had to say.

The Rams’ new uniforms

USA Today tells us the Rams say their new identity “celebrates both the team’s storied history and the diverse and dynamic community of LA — a brand that respects the past and represents the future.” The colors integrated into the uniform are Rams Royal, Sol, and Bone, which means the Rams are the only NFL team to not have a white jersey.

The team teased three uniform combinations, including an all-blue set, a blue top-yellow bottom combo, and a Bone-on-Bone look with blue numbers and yellow stripes down the pant legs. Look for more combinations; the team noted the team noting that it will introduce another new look in each of the next two offseasons.

Eric Dickerson’s not a fan

Dickerson didn’t like the new logo the Rams introduced earlier this year. He has similar opinions about the uniform portion of the team’s rebranding. Dickerson played for the Rams from 1983-87, and he’s currently employed as part of their front office.

But his employment status didn’t stop Dickerson from expressing his honest opinion of the new look. He said, according to USA Today, “It just looks soft. It don’t look like football. It don’t look hard” and isn’t what he would expect from football, what he called “a man’s sport.” Dickerson indicated that the uniforms look more like something you’d associate with surfing rather than the gridiron.

He criticized the stripe around the sleeve by saying “it’s not big enough” and saying “it almost looks like a lightning bolt, like the Chargers’ uniform.” Dickerson had a similar issue with the stripes going down the pants.

The running back continued, saying he is “very, very disappointed” in the helmet design. Along those lines, he said the horn on the helmet looks more like a goat horn than a ram’s. He went so far as to call the horn “horrible” and said, “It looks like two bananas.” One bright spot with the uniform, in Dickerson’s view, is the colors, which he says “are not bad.”

Other reactions to the Rams’ new uniforms


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Rams players’ reactions were more complimentary. Star wide receiver Cooper Kupp called the look “sooo clean!!” on Twitter and tweeted that he “can’t wait to be suited up” in the new uniforms. CB Jalen Ramsey and P Johnny Hekker also appeared to be pleased with the team’s updated look.

Hekker tweeted an image of what he might look like in the blue-yellow combo with the caption “full send in the new kit.” Ramsey, meanwhile, tweeted simply “2020 Drip” with images of various players on the team showing off the new look, including himself in both the all-blue and Bone-on-Bone kits.

One Bleacher Report writer tweeted that the gradient look on the numbers looks like the scale on a urine hydration chart — probably not a comparison that the designers were expecting to see when they were planning the new look. Overall, the social media reaction seemed to be more negative than positive.