ESPN’s Bart Scott Bluntly Diagnoses Patrick Mahomes’ Alarming Turnover Problem While Ripping the Chiefs’ Roster to Shreds

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a world of trouble right now. The Tennessee Titans just destroyed them from whistle to whistle, sideline to sideline. Patrick Mahomes is not playing good football, which is on par with the rest of the team. ESPN NFL analyst Bart Scott weighed in on the current state of the Chiefs and thinks he knows what’s going on with the former MVP quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes is struggling with turnovers

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today and one of the best arm talents the game has ever seen. However, he is currently playing the worst football of his career.

When the Kansas City Chiefs are dominating, it’s usually because Mahomes and the offense are firing on all cylinders. Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy have to be disappointed because that’s been far from the case this season.

Kansas City has boasted a top-10 offense in each of the five seasons that the former Texas Tech standout has been in the league. However, the 2021 version is far less efficient, and it starts with the quarterback.

Mahomes has thrown for 2,093 yards and 18 touchdowns through the first seven games of the season. But there’s a catch. He’s also thrown nine interceptions, which leads the NFL. The 27-year-old has also fumbled the ball four times.

The Titans pressured Mahomes through their Week 7 blowout victory. The Chiefs’ quarterback continues to make decisions we don’t usually see him make.

Mahomes is not making excuses, though. “We have enough leaders on this team that we have to find a way,” he said, per ESPN.

Bart Scott ripped the Chiefs on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’

ESPN's Bart Scott playing for the New York Jets; Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes walks with his head down
Former Jets linebacker Bart Scott reacts during a game | Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reacts during a loss | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes escaped some of the criticism early in the season, but you can’t excuse these types of performances seven games into the season.

Former New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott diagnosed the problem with Mahomes and the Chiefs on ESPN’s Get Up.

“When you think about Mahomes this season, I just think it’s a lack of trust,” said Scott. “Lack of trust in the running game, lack of trust in the offensive line. And he’s pressing because he knows how historically bad that defense is.”

Many of the mistakes the Kansas City signal-caller has made are due to him trying to make something out of nothing. He’s been able to get away with it in the past, but defenses are starting to pick up on his gunslinging tendencies.

Scott continued to highlight the ineptitude of the defense. “We’ve seen this defense be bad in the past, but this is a whole new level for them,” he said. “They don’t do anything well. They don’t stop the pass well; they don’t stop the run well. And it’s like the dealer’s choice. It’s Burger King: You can have it your way if you’re the offense.”

Scott believes Mahomes is trying to overcompensate for other problems on his team. “I think he’s been on a great team and a great system, but maybe the league is catching up with him,” he said.

Mahomes and the Chiefs can’t contend for a Super Bowl

The 2021 version of the Kansas City Chiefs is a far cry from the team that won the AFC the past two seasons and the Super Bowl in 2019.

Sure, Patrick Mahomes is playing poorly right now. Bart Scott is right, though. The Chiefs roster, as a whole, is not cutting it. It doesn’t have the makeup of a Super Bowl contender.

In the past, the Kansas City offense putting points on the board was a luxury. Now, Andy Reid and company have to score out of necessity. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce aren’t the problems as much as the surrounding pieces.

The Chiefs restructured their offensive line, but it’s clear that the unit is struggling to limit pressure on Mahomes.

The defense is abysmal. The team has never really had a dominant unit under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, but it was, at least, opportunistic. Kansas City is allowing just over 404 yards and 29 points per game to opposing offenses.

The Chiefs are currently 3-4, and their bye week is five weeks away. This team needs a breather and time to regroup because the product it’s putting on the football field is alarming.

When you have Patrick Mahomes on your roster, there will always be a chance. However, this year seems pretty different. It’s going to be a long season for Kansas City.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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