ESPN’s Marcus Spears Completely Destroys the Chicago Bears for ‘Royally’ Messing Up Their QB Position

Former Dallas Cowboys star and current NFL analyst Marcus Spears is one of ESPN’s most passionate media personalities. That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise when Spears destroyed the Chicago Bears for “royally” messing up their quarterback position.

After getting rebuffed by the Seattle Seahawks in their attempt to acquire Russell Wilson, the Bears signed Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million deal in free agency. Marcus Spears actually wasn’t surprised that Chicago signed Dalton since general manager Ryan Pace has a history of failing at the QB spot.

Ryan Pace drafted Mitchell Trubisky over Deshaun Watson

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The Bears traded up in the 2017 draft and selected Mitchell Trubisky out of North Carolina despite Deshaun Watson being the best quarterback in college football. Trubisky only played in 31 games in college, while Watson led Clemson to the National Championship over Alabama.

As everyone knows, Trubisky was a bust in Chicago. In 51 games for the Bears, Trubisky threw for 10,609 yards and 64 touchdowns while completing 64.0% of his passes. He never lived up to the hype and was a below-average QB for the Bears.

Trubisky signed with the Buffalo Bills after the Bears agreed to a deal with Andy Dalton. It may take over a decade for the Chicago franchise to recover from passing on Watson for Trubisky.

Marcus Spears watched Deshaun Watson upset Alabama and knew he was an easy choice to be selected as the first QB in the 2017 draft. The former LSU star was stunned when Chicago took Mitchell Trubisky, but now that Spears knows who Ryan Pace is, he wasn’t shocked at all about the Andy Dalton signing.

Marcus Spears goes off on Ryan Pace and the Bears

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Marcus Spears destroyed Ryan Pace and the Bears for taking Mitchell Trubisky over Deshaun Watson back in 2017. Since Pace drafted Trubisky, signed Mike Glennon and Chase Daniel, and traded for Nick Foles, Spears expected the Bears’ GM to mess up this offseason.

The Andy Dalton signing made zero sense for the Bears. Chicago still has Foles on the roster, and Dalton and Foles are basically the same player. Neither QB is moving the needle for the Bears, who have had a dreadful offseason.

Pace still hasn’t revealed why he chose Trubisky over Watson. It’s a mistake he will live with for the rest of his life since Watson is a superstar and Trubisky isn’t.

Spears believes Pace doesn’t have what it takes to evaluate quarterbacks properly. When you take a guy in Trubisky who barely played in college over a player in Watson who was stellar, it shows that you don’t have a high football IQ as a general manager.

All signs point toward the Bears missing the playoffs in 2021 with Andy Dalton as the starting QB. Marcus Spears is disgusted by what he’s seen Ryan Pace do in Chicago, as are Bears fans.

The Bears have become a national joke

Even though the Bears have made the playoffs in two out of the last three seasons, they have zero playoff wins to show for it. After passing on Deshaun Watson for Mitchell Trubisky, choosing not to give Allen Robinson a long-term contract, and cutting Kyle Fuller, the Bears have become a national joke.

It appears Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will easily win the NFC North next season. Despite having some outstanding players on defense, the Bears don’t have what it takes on offense to compete with the Packers. It’s been the same old story in Chicago for the last 20 years.