ESPN’s Max Kellerman Reveals How Deshaun Watson Will Trigger the Biggest Trade in NFL History

Deshaun Watson has formally requested a trade from the Houston Texans, a move that has been in the works for a while. The star quarterback can control his trade request since he has a no-trade clause in his contract.

One of the best players at his position, Watson will be in high demand on the trade market. That’s why ESPN’s Max Kellerman believes we are about to see the biggest trade in NFL history take place this offseason.

Why does Deshaun Watson want the Texans to trade him?

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Deshaun Watson requested his trade from the Texans nearly two weeks ago, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. Houston’s new head-coaching hire, David Culley, will not alter Watson’s thinking. The Pro Bowler hasn’t spoken to new Texans general manager Nick Caserio or executive Jack Easterby.

Watson’s trade request comes after he was reportedly unhappy with the Texans’ process to hire Caserio. Houston Chairman and CEO Cal McNair told Watson the former Clemson star would have significant input on who Houston’s new general manager would be. However, Watson found out about the Caserio hire on social media.

Before the 2020 season, Watson signed a four-year, $156 million contract extension. Six months before he agreed to the extension, Watson watched the Texans trade superstar wideout DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals without consulting him. The signal-caller was always going to sign an extension with Houston since no one will turn down generational money, but the writing was on the wall for Watson to request a trade after the Hopkins move.

Since it appears Deshaun Watson won’t play another snap for the Texans, ESPN’s Max Kellerman is of the firm belief that the largest trade in NFL history is going to happen this offseason.

Max Kellerman says the Deshaun Watson trade will go down in the history books

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Max Kellerman says we have never seen a superstar quarterback in his prime request a trade before. As a result, the ESPN analyst believes the biggest trade in NFL history will happen once Deshaun Watson is moved.

“We are about to see the biggest trade in NFL history,” Kellerman said on ESPN’s First Take. “When have we ever seen this? A quarterback, a great quarterback, in his prime. There’s only one player with more trade value than Deshaun Watson. That one player is Patrick Mahomes because he’s even better. We’re about to witness the biggest trade in NFL history.”

To acquire Watson, a team will certainly have to offer at least four first-round picks and a few quality starters. The 25-year-old is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. He led the league in passing yards in 2020 with 4,823 and is an elite dual-threat QB.

Max Kellerman says every team besides the Kansas City Chiefs should look to acquire Deshaun Watson. If he’s paired with the right coach and offense, Watson can lead a team to a Super Bowl. That’s how special he is.

The Jets and Dolphins have the assets to acquire the Texans QB

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins have the assets to acquire Deshaun Watson from the Texans. The Jets can send Houston the second overall pick in the 2021 draft and their other first-round picks for Watson. New York can also include Sam Darnold.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins can package the third overall pick, along with multiple first-round picks and Tua Tagovailoa, for Watson. Multiple reports have stated that the three-time Pro Bowler would waive his no-trade clause for the Jets and Dolphins.