ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Finally Makes a Confession About His Famous Burner Account

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN is one of the most popular American sports television personalities in the world. His funny catchphrases and passion for sports have made him a very wealthy and successful celebrity.

Since the New York native has had so many hilarious moments throughout his career, one of Stephen A. Smith’s biggest fans decided to make a Twitter account dedicated to him, and it’s gotten so big that Smith himself has heard of it.

Stephen A. Smith began his career in print media

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Stephen A. Smith began his print media career with the Winston-Salem Journal, the Greensboro News and Record, and the New York Daily News. He played basketball at Winston-Salem but wrote for the school newspaper while being on the team, as writing was a big passion for Smith.

In 1994, Smith began covering the Philadelphia 76ers for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He developed a close relationship with Sixers legend Allen Iverson and conducted a bevy of one-on-one interviews with the Hall of Famer. Smith also broke a lot of news as an NBA reporter.

The Inquirer parted ways with Smith in 2008. However, Stephen A. returned in 2010 after winning an arbitrator’s ruling that he was to be reinstated. This came after Smith started to make a name for himself in the radio business on WEPN, ESPN Radio, and Sirus XM Radio.

While Stephen A. Smith was great at radio, he knew his calling was TV since he had a vibrant personality.

Stephen A. Smith has been a superstar on TV

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Stephen A. Smith has been a superstar on TV for ESPN. His main show is “First Take,” but Smith is a guest on pretty much every ESPN project since he has a wealth of knowledge about all sports.

Since he can express himself more freely on TV, Smith’s popularity has grown over the last decade due to his hot takes and funny segments. From making fun of the Dallas Cowboys to showing his disgust with his hometown New York Knicks, Smith has become must-see television. He’s always making people laugh with his crazy rants and soundbites.

Smith built an impression on the acting world with his bits on ESPN, so much so that he made his acting debut on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital” in a cameo appearance as a television reporter in 2007. Stephen A. was also in the movie “I Think I Love My Wife.”

On “First Take,” Smith’s most famous moments have come when he’s asked to talk about the Cowboys, who he calls “an accident waiting to happen.” Some of Stephen A.’s other well-known catchphrases are “stay off the weed” and “he’s a bad man.” The first phrase is used by Smith when athletes get caught for smoking weed, while the second one is what Stephen A. calls Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Stephen A. Smith is celebrated on Twitter since he’s always saying amusing things on TV. There’s one fan out there, though, who has taken his passion for Smith to another level by creating a Stephen A. Smith burner account. The Twitter account posts some of Smith’s funniest moments, and it has gone viral.

ESPN star finally addresses the burner account

The Stephen A. Smith burner account has over 545,000 followers. All the tweets are of Smith’s funniest videos and memes. The owner of the account hasn’t revealed who he is.

Smith recently told Complex he’s seen the burner account one time and has no issue with it. However, the media veteran made sure to emphasize that he’s not the person behind the account.