Ex-Packers RB Eddie Lacy Won Offensive Rookie of the Year, Then Couldn’t Control His Weight

The Green Bay Packers should be hoping Aaron Jones doesn’t turn out like Eddie Lacy.

Much like Lacy, the former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, once did, Aaron Jones has taken a big role in the Packers’ offense. But Lacy struggled with his weight and left the NFL far too early.

This is Lacy’s story, from a highly-anticipated Green Bay Packers draft pick to a player who the team eventually had to give up on.

Eddie Lacy impressed with the Packers

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A star running back at Alabama, Eddie Lacy had the makings of the NFL’s next elite back. 

Lacy had an excellent combination of speed and size. Although Lacy was a bigger back, he entered the league in 2013 when those bulkier backs, players like Brandon Jacobs or Peyton Hillis, had enjoyed some success.

Lacy showed off his skills as a rookie, picking up 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns on 4.1 yards per carry. The rookie added 35 catches for 257 yards. 

In an otherwise dismal year for rookies, Lacy picked up NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors without much issue. Lacy — who also earned a Pro Bowl nod — had 35 votes, well above the 12 that second-place finisher Keenan Allen, the Chargers receiver, earned. 

Lacy followed that up with 1,139 rushing yards and nine touchdowns in 2014. By 2015, though, it was clear that Lacy needed to fix some things. 

Although Lacy ran for 758 yards on 4.1 yards per carry, his weight was growing and the Packers needed him to find a suitable playing weight.

Lacy struggled with his weight

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By 2016, the Green Bay Packers had enough with Eddie Lacy’s weight problems. 

Lacy went on a strict training regiment in the 2016 offseason and entered the year down a significant amount of weight. By October, though, ESPN reported Lacy had gained all the weight back and was anywhere from 255-265 pounds. 

Still, Lacy was playing at a high level and averaged 5.1 yards per carry before suffering a season-ending ankle injury.

Lacy signed with the Seattle Seahawks in the spring of 2017. Seattle gave Lacy bonuses that were tied to his weight, such as a $55,000 bonus if he weighed in under 255 pounds at a May minicamp. Lacy could have earned up to $385,000 in bonus payments. 

Lacy averaged just 2.6 yards per carry in nine games during the 2017 season. He has not played in the NFL since.

Eddie Lacy’s NFL career is likely over

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Eddie Lacy turned 30 in June and, as recently as 2016, still looked like he had plenty more touchdowns to score.

That 2017 stint in Seattle, though, was the last time Lacy suited up for a team. He never played in other leagues, like the Canadian Football League or the Alliance of American Football.

The last anyone heard from Lacy was in April 2019, when he had a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens.

It seems unlikely, as of October 2020, that Eddie Lacy will play in the NFL again. Running backs who don’t play for three seasons almost never even get a tryout at this point in Lacy’s career.

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