Here’s Exactly What the Buccaneers Should Gift Tom Brady This Holiday Season

It’s no secret Tom Brady‘s had a bumpy year. Setting aside the Buccaneer QB’s personal problems and brief retirement, it seemed like things should’ve been smooth sailing for the team. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Even though Brady likely has just about everything he could want, one gift is sure to make this one of his best Christmases ever: He needs the Buccaneers to step up and dominate every remaining game of the season to break their streak of failure.

The 2022 season has left the Buccaneers with some big shoes to fill. Ali Marpet and Rob Gronkowski retired, and Alex Cappa left the team. These were some powerful, seasoned players who simply couldn’t be replaced.

Then the injuries began. Within the first few days of training camp, center Ryan Jensen sustained a bad knee injury. This first incident was a catalyst for a string of subsequent injuries.

Injured players hurt the whole team. In the Buccaneers’ case, it really shows. After Jensen made his way to the reserve list, Aaron Stinnie and Josh Wells soon followed. Key players aren’t the only ones missing on the field time this year. Various injuries span the entire roster, from Wirfs at the top down to rookies. 

Brady needs offensive support

Not only has Brady been dealing with a changing lineup almost every week, but he’s also received criticism over his recent outburst at the offensive line.

Brady let his team know they aren’t playing to their full potential. His teammates are better than their recent performances. Add a few f-bombs to the message, and you get the gist of it. If you want to witness his whole rant, you can find the full video of the incident in Sports Illustrated.

Brady has no regrets about what he said. In fact, he feels it’s his job to call out his fellow players, especially when they aren’t performing up to their potential. And many others, including Brady’s teammates, seem to agree with his points, as seen in the Tampa Bay Times.

Getting the team in order

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kneels in the end zone prior to an NFL game
Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady | Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The problem with recent Buccaneer performances: They haven’t been able to drive the ball where it needs to go. It’s especially frustrating since the underlying talent is present on the field. But their inconsistency and unfortunate injuries are why they won’t make it to the Super Bowl, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Here’s what the Buccaneers need to fix now if they want a chance of getting anywhere near the playoffs:

  1. Brady is still one of the best quarterbacks in the game’s history, but he could be throwing better and more consistently. 
  2. The offensive line needs to keep Tom safer. In fact, it could be part of why the quarterback isn’t throwing the way we know he can.
  3. Make drives down the field more routinely. The Bucs’ defense has to be exhausted from carrying most of the team’s weight, making this more of a demand than a request.
  4. Lean more on the offensive line, especially the tight ends.
  5. Block for the running back. 
  6. Figure out the key to be able to score in the red zone.
  7. Master the mental game. Something about this season goes deeper than physical ability. Know and play the game with confidence.

Worst offense ever?

Individual performance is important, but a team’s overall performance makes or breaks a game. How the entire Buccaneers team plays might lead to the worst season of Brady’s most successful career.

Tom is no stranger to working with a bad offensive lineup, though. In 2015, the New England Patriots had to rely on many inexperienced, green players after a string of unfortunate injuries. Sounds a bit familiar.

Maybe it was because he was younger at the time, but Brady pulled things together despite weak players. His performance during that season is considered one of the best despite his lack of supporting teammates. Brady is still one of the best players on his current team. But the whole team needs to step up to support him.

Turning things around


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Even if the Buccaneers stick with the same lineup and plays, there is doubt they can turn the tides of their current record. If each player performs better, the Buccaneers might just become a formidable team. This would go a long way for both Brady and the struggling Bucs.

That’s why pulling together and blazing to victory is precisely what the Buccaneers should gift Tom Brady this holiday season. While it won’t fix the turbulence in his personal life, he sure would love to at least have a chance to make it to the playoffs.