Face of UFC Campaign, Court McGee, Reveals He Nearly Died

UFC fighters come from all walks of life. Many endure fights that are much harder to win than a battle in the Octagon. Court McGee is one of those fighters, and he recently revealed that he nearly died from a heroin overdose.

The day Court McGee died

In 2005, McGee overdosed on heroin and technically died for a moment. Fortunately, the UFC fighter was revived, but he still suffered a lot of issues relating to the overdose. Not long afterward, McGee became addicted to painkillers, reports KSL. He overdosed again but survived once more.

According to McGee, he joined a recovery program after overdosing, but it wasn’t enough. After he turned 21, he had his first legal drink and went on a four-day rampage that almost sent him to prison. It wasn’t long before McGee realized he had to face all of these issues stemming from his substance abuse.

The UFC fighter has been sober since April 16, 2006. Now, he’s the face of the UFC’s opioid awareness campaign. Of course, this wasn’t an easy fight. According to McGee, he had several close calls and relapses along the way. But not only is he a survivor; he’s also a success story. Fellow UFC fighter Josh Samman wasn’t as fortunate as McGee. He died from an overdose in 2016.

McGee’s turnaround 

Shortly after committing to a sober lifestyle, McGee began training. He wrestled in college, so he knew he was interested in combat sports. It wasn’t long until McGee started competing professionally. In 2007, he made his MMA debut and showed the world that he should be taken seriously.

In 2010, with a professional record of 11-1, he joined the UFC by making it to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter TV show. Coached by legendary UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, McGee made his UFC debut in June 2010 and he submitted his opponent, winning that season of The Ultimate Fighter

From there, he won some fights and lost some fights, establishing himself as a solid fighter who probably wasn’t going to win a title. However, he showed everyone he wouldn’t be an easy fight, either. In 2013, McGee beat future champion Robert Whittaker in a three-round decision. This was his most notable win in the octagon.

What’s next for McGee

Although McGee lost his most recent fight against Sean Brady, he’s keeping his head up. He currently competes in the welterweight division, one of the deepest and toughest divisions in the UFC. It’s unlikely that McGee will leave the UFC, as he’s the face of the organization’s campaign against the opioid crisis.

When he’s not training or fighting, he’s working on his nonprofit, The McGee Project. Its goal is simple: to advocate and educate Americans about the dangers of addiction. For his constant advocacy about the opioid crisis, the Utah government honored McGee.