Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Bought a $180 Superyacht With 2 Hot Tubs and Cabins for 23 Guests

It’s been a tough year for sports but all things considered, it’s good to be an NFL owner. The league has been a global juggernaut since its inception, and these owners see the lion’s share of the profits. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has had plenty of opportunities to make splashy purchases. One of those was a pricey boat. Here’s the story behind Blank’s riches and the $180 million superyacht he bought. 

Arthur Blank’s net worth

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank looks on from the sideline
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank on the sideline | Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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Blank’s official title is “Chairman” of the Atlanta Falcons. According to Forbes, his net worth is currently $6.1 billion. Much of that comes from the Falcons; owning a franchise in one of the four major American pro sports is a fairly good investment these days. 

So how did Blank become rich? The story of it is actually quite inspiring. In 1978, he and a man named Bernie Marcus were fired from their jobs working at a hardware store. Rather than enter a new field or attempt to get a job at a competing hardware store, the two men let their entrepreneurial spirit take over.

They launched Home Depot. It has since become one of the most popular and successful hardware store chains in the nation. Blank stepped down as the chairman of Home Depot just a year before buying the Falcons. Another trailblazing endeavor for Blank is that he led the effort to bring professional soccer to the city of Atlanta. He owns Atlanta United FC, which launched in March of 2017. 

Blank buys the Atlanta Falcons

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After Blank left Home Depot, he found a worthy home for his fortune: the Atlanta Falcons. He bought the Falcons for $545 million. The team is now worth over $2.8 billion. While Blank and the Falcons have yet to taste championship success, it’s hard to call Blank a failure as an owner.  The team has won an NFC championship under Blank’s tenure, losing a heartbreaking Super Bowl to the New England Patriots in 2017.

Blank also oversaw the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a $1.5 billion facility that hosted the Super Bowl in 2019. The Falcons may not be an elite team under Blank, but they’ve consistently gone to the playoffs and have even nearly tasted championship success. In a game where having a sound organizational infrastructure is important, Blank provides Atlanta with plenty of stability at the top. 

Of course, as with most NFL franchises, the Falcons’ value has skyrocketed over the past two decades. That’s given Blank plenty of revenue and disposal income to play with. As part of that, he’s invested quite a bit into his own personal superyacht. 

The $180 million superyacht of Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank

NFL owners Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones both own pricey superyachts of their own. Not one to be outdone, Blank got in on the action. According to TMZ, Blank purchased a $180 million superyacht. The boat has some incredible features you won’t believe, including: 

  • It’s 240 feet long.
  • It has 11 cabins that can host 23 guests and 33 crew members.
  • The deck has both a swimming pool and a hot tub.
  • Blank’s private quarters also have a hot tub.

Built by a luxury yacht builder named Oceanco, Blank reportedly worked closely with them on the boat’s specifications. He even flew to the Netherlands on multiple occasions to meet with Oceanco. The yacht is called DreAMBoat, with the middle capitalized letters representing Blank’s initials. Blank’s boat is proof positive that being an NFL owner definitely has its perks.