Fans Still Speculate About Mike Tyson’s Bald Spot From the Late ’80s

The crazy life of Mike Tyson involves many mysteries. For example, for the longest time, fans have wondered whether the boxer actually broke his back before a fight. Another one of his mysteries has to do with a bald spot that he had in the ’80s. It showed up during a notable time, and then it disappeared later.

A simple explanation for Mike Tyson’s bald spot?

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In The Rise of Mike Tyson, Iron Mike’s bald spot was simply blamed on a Las Vegas barber who made a mistake. While this could very well be true, there are other simple explanations for it, too. For example, according to the LA Times, Tyson’s own doctors said that the bald spot showed up because of stress. 

This could be an explanation. Famous Bald People wrote that people who get bald spots from stress should recover within a few months. This is what happened with Tyson, and it makes a lot of sense, too. In the late ’80s, he was not only the heavyweight champion; he was also in his 20s and doing a lot of partying. Things were definitely stressful for him, to say the least.

These are the simple and most likely explanations. But there are more explanations that Tyson fans have given over the years.

Complex explanations for Tyson’s bald spot

Tyson fans on social media say trichotillomania is a possible explanation for a bald spot. Trichotillomania, reports WebMD, commonly called hair-pulling disorder, is a disorder where the patient gets an urge to pull out their hair. This disorder is related to other disorders, such as depression and OCD. Tyson does admit he has bipolar disorder, so this theory isn’t far fetched.

Another social media theory: He has alopecia areata, a disorder that causes patches of hair loss. This disorder seems to fit Tyson’s bald spot. Just because he has a bald spot, however, doesn’t mean he has alopecia areata. As a result, while this explanation is still a possible one, it just isn’t likely. There wouldn’t be any harm in him admitting he has it.

A common theory, however, is that his bald spot came from steroid abuse. Certain performance-enhancing drugs can cause hair loss. The problem with this theory is that no one knows if Tyson has abused those drugs before. People who are shredded get accused of abusing steroids very often, and this has happened with Tyson, too. He has also never tested positive for steroids, so this theory, while possible, is still less likely.

Why Mike Tyson’s bald spot is gone

If the stress theory is true, then Tyson’s bald spot is gone simply because that’s what it was supposed to do in the first place. And of course, even if that theory wasn’t true, there are still plenty of products that could help regrow his hair. In any case, not long after this mystery came up, Tyson got rid of it for good when he decided to shave his hair off and go bald. 

He did this in 1991, according to Famous Bald People, and he decided to do it as a tribute to George Foreman. He’d switch things up from time to time and let his hair grow back a bit, but nowadays, he prefers to be bald. So, no matter the reason why he decided to shave his hair off, it’s become his personal style now.