Fantasy Football: Beware of These Busts for 2019

In many ways, fantasy football has become a part of the NFL fan experience. People break down every aspect of a player’s game in hopes they find the next diamond in the rough. People often take a chance on an unknown name who they believe may come out of the pack. Others will look to established names, which can come back to bite them.

It’s wise to think before you draft a player with a big name or pedigree. These five may make your team a bust if you’re not careful. 

Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback

The Pittsburgh Steelers have revamped their team following a tumultuous offseason where they lost both Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. With Roethlisberger on the wrong side of his thirties, the Steelers legend could regress. Despite throwing more passing yards than he ever has last year, a weakened offense could be too much for the 37-year-old to overcome. 

Leonard Fournette, running back

The Jaguars had a disappointing season last year, and Leonard Fournette didn’t help matters. Although his numbers were not catastrophic, they were not where they needed to be, even with the young running back missing half the season. After the dreaded sophomore slump, Fournette could have a good year. But with pressure on him and an inconsistent quarterback situation with Nick Foles, the season may get rough. 

Jarvis Landry, wide receiver

Jarvis Landry had a disappointing start to his career in Cleveland. While there’s a possibility this was just a hiccup, his performance is still concerning.

Many will hope last season — which saw a career-worst catch percentage and career lows in receptions and touchdowns — was just a case of a new guy failing to fit in. However, with a sophomore quarterback still trying to catch his stride and other offensive options taking away his touches, Landry could be in for another disappointing year. 

Eric Ebron, tight end

Eric Ebron will likely see a reduced role this year after Parris Campbell and Devin Funchess joined Dallas on top of Jack Doyle’s return. Because of this, the career bests Ebron put up last year could prove to be fool’s gold. There’s a chance he overcomes those in front of him in the rotation. But smart money would have him largely taking up space on a fantasy roster. 

Juju Smith-Schuster, wide receiver

Smith-Schuster‘s draft stock will likely be connected to Roethlisberger. Being forced to fill the shoes of Brown may be an impossible task. Given Big Ben’s reputation for being Teflon with regards to criticism, Smith-Schuster could have an unfair weight on his shoulders. He will be an attractive prospect for many fantasy owners. However, passing on him may be the best decision in order to choose a possible steal in the draft. 

Risks and pay off

Fantasy stock can change from week to week, but these players all have factors working against them. Age, new situations, or diminished roles may make their values deceptive. Beware of these potential fantasy football busts, and make sure the guy you pick is more than just a name. It could be the difference between a win and loss.