Floyd Mayweather May Have Avoided Knocking Out Logan Paul With Controversial Move

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring for an exhibition fight against YouTuber Logan Paul. Mayweather dominated the bout, guiding his way to a strong showing. However, controversy has since sprouted concerning the Hall of Famer possibly helping Paul get through the eight-round match.

Logan Paul goes the distance with Floyd Mayweather

Following more than two years since his last fight, Mayweather returned for an exhibition bout against Paul.

The match didn’t live up to the buzz, but the Hall of Fame boxer dominated the fight. Meanwhile, Paul had his moments where he fired back to remain competitive and last the complete eight rounds. There wasn’t a flurry of punches thrown as Mayweather landed 43 of the 107 total punches while hit 28 of his 217 total punches.

Although the match had no official winner, Mayweather eased his way to a strong showing and a massive payday.

Floyd Mayweather may have avoided knocking out Logan Paul with controversial move

Shortly after the fight, a potential controversy emerged regarding the nature of the match.

A video has quickly floated around the internet showing Mayweather delivering a blow to Paul‘s head that saw his body go limp for a few seconds. The legendary boxer then appeared to hold on to the 26-year-old preventing him from hitting the canvas.

It’s hard to determine if Mayweather knocked out Paul, but the latter’s physical reaction after receiving a hard right hand to his left temple suggests that may be the case. The entire situation has led many to question the validity of his performance against the undefeated fighter.

All that didn’t take long for Paul to respond to the accusations.

Logan Paul fires back a strong response to the accusations


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Since the fight, the short clip has garnered significant traction, leading many to believe that Paul shouldn’t have made it through all eight rounds. 

It didn’t take long for the 26-year-old to take to Instagram to respond, stating that Mayweather didn’t knock him out.

“There’s one part in the fight where Floyd punched me and I kind of like leaned on him a little bit and it looks like I kinda went limp,” Paul said. “People are trying to spin and say that he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going to the eighth round. Shut the f*** up. Like just shut the f*** up. Stop trying to discredit what happened last night.”

“Make no mistake—he got a lot of good punches in. “I got f***ed up a couple shots. I didn’t know my face could like, make that shape but never rocked, never blacked out, never obviously got knocked out. He didn’t hold me up, he tried to take me out and he couldn’t. It was great.”

Paul’s remarks shouldn’t come as a surprise as he will protect his image and reputation, especially after a high-profile event. Regardless of how Mayweather approached the fight, the YouTuber star doesn’t want that narrative sticking around.

Paul is hoping to garner another opportunity to compete in boxing or MMA match. His boxing advisor Guadalupe Valencia stated after Sunday’s bout that his next venture will be ‘bigger” than what he just experienced.

“The next fight is going to be bigger,” Valencia said via ESPN. “Bigger than Floyd. He went eight rounds with Floyd. His next fight is going to be even bigger, because now he’s the person they want to see fight. I don’t know what Floyd is doing next, but people want to see what Logan is doing next.”

Given Paul’s massive social media following, it may be only a matter of time before he secures another fight.

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