Floyd Mayweather Is Adding Millions to His Net Worth With a Boxing Gym Franchise Brand

To call boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather just another fighter is to sell him short. He’s one of the best to do it, boasting a 50-0 record in a career that’s seen him dance in and out of retirement in his 40s. But he’s also one of the most lucrative professional athletes in American history.

His wealth is no secret, and Floyd Mayweather has no plans to stop growing his fortune. Now he’s building an empire of boxing gyms. 

Floyd Mayweather in the ring

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made his professional debut in 1996 against Roberto Apodaca, according to BoxRec. There, Mayweather showed exactly why he was the next big thing. He made quick work of Apodaca. And for the next several years, Floyd became one of the best welterweights in the sport’s history. From up-and-comers to some of boxing’s biggest names, Mayweather’s mix of tactfulness and power made him seemingly impossible to beat. 

He effectively ended the careers of superstars such as Oscar De La Hoya and helped put others on the map. Regardless of who was there with him, Mayweather showed he could adjust and eventually conquer whoever came his way. However, later in his career, Mayweather traded his once-relentless style for a far more tactful one. 

He learned how to use his experience to make up for the 20 years of wear-and-tear in the ring. He put this on full display in a heavily publicized matchup against fellow superstar Manny Pacquiao. And Mayweather went the distance in a decisive win. A 2017 victory against UFC brawler Conor McGregor officially concluded Mayweather’s career and capped off a 50-0 record.

Now in retirement, Mayweather occasionally gets in the ring for exhibitions. But arguably his most significant win has come in business.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

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Floyd Mayweather earned more than $1 billion throughout his boxing career and boasts a net worth of over a half-billion dollars, The Spun reports. This is thanks in large part to his most significant bouts, which often garnered nine-figure paydays. Although his boxing days are mostly behind him, save for publicity stunts, Mayweather’s brand is still strong. The Money Team, or TMT, has become a juggernaut. 

Team Mayweather is a world unto itself, and now the legend is using his fame to teach a new generation of boxers how to fight. In 2018, he opened Mayweather Boxing + Fitness to capitalize on his most ardent followers’ loyalty and carry on his legacy, according to business partner James Williams.

“Our members are genuinely inspired and motivated to be a part of Team Mayweather,” Williams said of the gym in an interview with Global Franchise. “Most of our members are wearing Mayweather gear when they come and work out — having ‘TEAM MAYWEATHER’ across the back of your shirt is a really cool and powerful and motivating thing that we’re able to offer — and that gets us real buy-in and excitement from our members.”

The gym, which now boasts over 100 locations, is growing into one of the fitness community’s biggest names. They hope to advance the franchise even further by enlisting help from other power players. 

‘Money’ Mayweather takes it to the bank

Mayweather’s gym, which advertises opportunities for franchising on its website, is becoming a lucrative enterprise. Because of this, more high-profile names are jumping onboard, Williams told Global Franchise. 

“We have a number of high-profile people involved in the business that we’ll continue to build everything closely with,” Williams said. “Because this is Floyd’s business, it generates a lot of interest from people in that world, and we’re excited to continue to partner with smart investors and partners, like [NBA star Joakim Noah], who share our vision and passion for building a truly differentiated global fitness community.”

As Forbes noted, with Noah on board and several other high-profile names likely to join, Mayweather shows he isn’t just a boxer. He’s a brand akin to LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and other legendary athletes who’ve parlayed their notoriety into successful second careers.