Floyd Mayweather Just Sparked More Rumors of a Fight With Pacquiao

Fresh off of Pacquiao’s split decision win over Keith Thurman, Floyd Mayweather made an incendiary post on Instagram that sparked a social media brawl between the two rivals

Pacquiao responded to Mayweather’s post with a tweet of his own. 

Mayweather then replied with an Instagram post claiming, among other things, that Pacquiao was his employee.

Pacquiao dodged that jab and threw a sharp hook in reply, stating that he’s never seen Mayweather’s name on any of his contracts and that if Floyd wants his name to be on a contract with Pacquiao’s, it’d have to be a contract for a fight.

Several days later, Mayweather threw the last strike in this social media bout and made a simple post on Instagram clarifying his previous statements. In short, Floyd claims that when he said that Pacquiao was his employee, he meant that Pacquiao worked for a corporation that Floyd owned yet didn’t actually have his name on.

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Only real businessmen can relate to this!

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As with anything in combat sports, this could just talk or it could be the prelude to an actual rematch between the two boxing legends. There’s a strong argument for why the rematch should happen but there are some good counterarguments too. 

MayPac 1 

The first super-fight between these two legends happened 4 years ago and although Mayweather won a convincing decision victory, it didn’t settle things between the two men. Many fans thought the fight was boring given the hype for the fight, but Mayweather was simply fighting with his signature defensive style. And despite how disappointing the super-fight was, it still was the best selling pay-per-view of all time.  

It didn’t take long for Pacquiao to call for a rematch, but when it comes to the sport aspect of boxing, Floyd had little reason to accept it. Floyd had beaten the best boxers in each weight class that he fought in, so in terms of Floyd’s legacy, there was nothing to gain from a rematch. However, since MayPac 1 earned Floyd upwards of $250 million, there is still plenty of money to be made from one.


After MayPac, both men went their separate ways. Floyd would beat Andre Berto before retiring and then un-retiring to fight two boxing matches against non-boxers. The first fight was against UFC superstar Conor McGregor, whom Floyd would finish in the 10th round and earn himself a paycheck of at least $100 million for his hard work. The second fight was an exhibition boxing match against the young Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa, whom Floyd would beat in the first round and earn himself $9 million in easy money.

After MayPac, Pacquiao continued his boxing career while working on his other ventures (Pacquiao is also a Philippine senator.) Pacquiao is now 5-1 after his loss to Mayweather, with that single defeat being a decision loss to the Australian Jeff Horn. With the two men now in their 40s, the end to their boxing careers, whether they’d like it or not, is fast approaching. 

MayPac 2?

With a record-breaking undefeated record of 50 wins and 0 losses, Floyd’s legacy as one of the greatest of all time is on lock. Pacquiao, even though he isn’t undefeated, still has a great record as well as numerous successful ventures outside of boxing. The two don’t have to fight again, but if they do, it will be on Floyd’s terms.

Although Pacquiao is a respectful person, he could try to do some classic boxing callout antics to get the rematch. Posting on social media is one thing, but doing something like what Shannon Briggs did to try to get a fight with Wladimir Klitschko is another. 

For Floyd, it’s purely business at this point, so any rematch will have to have a buildup that gets fans talking. Perhaps this social media bout is the beginning of it, or perhaps not. But if those two men are ever going to meet inside the ring again, now would be the most reasonable time for it.