Floyd Mayweather is Training Tyron Woodley to Dispose of Jake Paul and Become a Future World Champion

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul will do battle on Aug. 29, in one of the most highly-anticipated boxing matches of the year. Neither are boxers, yet the fight will be the main event of a Showtime Boxing pay-per-view event. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his trainer are coaching Woodley and he has high hopes for his boxing debut.

Floyd Mayweather reached out to Tyron Woodley to prepare him for the Jake Paul fight

Tyron Woodley working with Floyd Mayweather trainer to prepare for Jake Paul fight
Tyron Woodley has been working with Floyd Mayweather’s camp ahead of Jake Paul fight | Jason Miller/Getty Images

Woodley is a former UFC champion and has fought 27 times in his mixed martial arts career. He’s stepping into a boxing ring for the first time, so naturally he wanted to be trained by the best.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most decorated fighters in the history of boxing. He publicly offered to work with Woodley and prepare him for the fight. The move is no surprise as the 44-year-old has been engaged in a rivalry with the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan.

On the All the Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Woodley spoke about his experiences with Mayweather in training camp.

“Every morning he runs with me, every day we working out. He’s calling me to make sure I’m cool,” he said of the trainer Gerald Tucker. Mayweather and the trainer have been regularly evaluating Woodley’s technique and footwork. He checks in with Mayweather weekly to discuss his progress in the ring.

The Ferguson, Missouri native is taking this fight very seriously. “I haven’t been home to see my kids,” said Woodley. “I miss the s— out of my daughter and my sons.” He’s fully committed and hoping his efforts will pay off on fight night.

“This will be the beginning of my new reign. You will see me at the top for a very long time.”

Woodley promises a ‘bloodbath’

Woodley and Paul have traded barbs in the months leading up to the exhibition bout. Showtime has done a great job of hyping up and promoting this fight.

There is a 15 year age gap between the two fighters, and the younger Paul has used trolling to sell the fight. Woodley took a shot at his opponent on All the Smoke, saying Paul probably played as Woodley on the UFC video games growing up.

He’s going to salute me, he better. He probably played me on the video game growing up. He’s going to talk about how great how of a champion, how great of a striker I was. He’s going to reduce himself down to a Disney YouTuber.

Tyron Woodley

“It will be lights on, then very quickly it will be lights out,” said Woodley about what will happen once the bell rings. He also said that it will be a “bloodbath,” which could spell trouble for the social media influencer.

Woodley and Jake Paul’s camp nearly came to blows days before the fight

Pay-per-view boxing is more than just the actual fight. Floyd Mayweather has probably had conversations with his mentee about it. The allure is a significant factor as well. Press conferences make for explosive moments between the two fighters. This one is no different, as Woodley and Paul’s camp members engaged in an altercation.

After the press conference concluded and the fighters were posing for group photos, Woodley noticed someone from the Paul team exchanging words with his mother. He became enraged and went to confront the other party. His team restrained the ex-MMA fighter from doing anything that would cost his ability to fight.

In the video, he can be heard exchanging obscene language with the Paul camp. Things nearly escalated somewhere that goes well beyond boxing. “One thing I don’t do is disrespect,” he told ESPN after the press conference.

“The entertainment aspect is going to meet the actual sport aspect,” Woodley said on All the Smoke. The entertainment component is already covered. Now, it’s time for the fighters to handle their business in the ring.

Tyron Woodley has been on record saying this is a “real fight.” If it wasn’t one before, it sure is now.

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