Former NASCAR Driver Candace Muzny Found Dead a Month After Puzzling Nail Salon Incident

Candace Muzny spent a brief time in the professional driver circuit that included a stint in NASCAR. Muzny’s racing career became overshadowed by her choices off the track. It all came to a devastating halt after her life took a tragic turn after a puzzling nail salon incident.

Candace Muzny’s nail salon incident overshadowed racing career

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Candace Muzny strung together a brief racing career that spanned over six years.

Muzny competed in NASCAR‘s K&N Pro Series East in 2011 and 2012, participating in 10 total races with zero wins. She also took part in the 2007 Toyota All-Star Showdown and 2009 Last Chance Open. Her life took a disappointing turn several years later after her time behind the wheel on a track.

Muzny was arrested in January 2020 after she allegedly punched a manicurist for not speaking English. She also sliced the responding officer with a knife. The incident began with her yelling at an employee after they spoke Vietnamese to their co-workers.

It quickly escalated from there to her slapping one of the staffers in the face. Following that point, she then pulled out a pocket knife and punched another employee in the face when he tried to call the police.

When an officer arrived, she assaulted him by stabbing him behind the ear with the pocket knife. Muzny did all that while her dog was biting the police officer’s leg. The entire incident landed her charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer.

In an exclusive interview with, Muzny voiced that she isn’t racist and felt the police officer attacked her: “I asked her three times to stop speaking Vietnamese to me. I was paying with the American dollar.”

“I think if you’re speaking to an American who is a customer of yours, and you know they’re not Vietnamese, it’s rude to talk to them in a language they don’t understand,” she said. “She (the nail salon tech) needs to get back to Vietnam. If she wants to live in America and serve Americans, she needs to speak the language they speak.”

Not long after that troubling incident, Muzny’s life took a tragic turn.

Former NASCAR driver Candace Muzny found dead in her home

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Shortly following that run-in with the law, Candace Muzny’s life took a tragic turn.

In February 2020, Muzny was found dead at her home located near Ski Island Lake, Oklahoma at age 43. She was discovered by an unidentified party that called to report that there was an unresponsive woman.

The suspicious nature of her death quickly led to questions concerning the cause of her sudden passing. An autopsy of her body conducted by the Oklahoma Office of The Chief Medical Examiner revealed that the cause of her death was due to accidental drowning.

There were “no obvious signs of foul play” involved with the incident. Her death’s initial report was classified as being suspicious, but the autopsy results dissipated those concerns.

Muzny passed away only a few days after her release from jail after her arrest due to the nail salon incident.

Life came to a tragic end

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Candace Muzny’s life came to an abrupt end that left many puzzled by the incident.

The nature of her death certainly raises red flags, but the autopsy results erase that doubt. Nonetheless, it’s a saddening situation that saw her pass away in her early 40s.

Given what occurred in the weeks before her death, it still remains a shocking turn of events.

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