Former NBA Champion Jack Haley’s Death Was a Blow to the NBA Community

Jack Haley was never the best player on the team when he played in the NBA. But his hard work allowed him to play nine seasons in the league for four different teams. He was a great teammate, and teams enjoyed his presence on the team.

In 2015 he passed away at the age of 51, and a memorial service was held where notable NBA players and coaches attended.

Jack Haley was a part of one of the best teams in NBA history

The Chicago Bulls drafted the 6-foot-10 big man in the 1987 NBA draft. He made is NBA debut in 1988. During the 1988-89 season, he played in 51 games with one start and averaged 2.2 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. Haley was not the most talented player on the court, but he played his hardest whenever he got in the game.

After playing in Chicago during his rookie season, he spent two years playing for the New Jersey Nets. Haley had two of the best seasons of his career playing for the Nets. He averaged six points and 5.6 points during the two seasons he played for them. Those numbers were the highest of his career. After playing with the Nets, he joined the Los Angeles Lakers for the 1991-92 season.

Haley spent one season with the Lakers and would miss the 1992-93 season due to injury. When he returned to the NBA, he played two seasons for the San Antonio Spurs and then found himself back in Chicago playing for the team that drafted him.

Jack Haley won a championship with the Chicago Bulls and did not receive that much playing time\

During the 1995-96 season, the Chicago Bulls had one of the best seasons in NBA history. The Bulls finished the season with a 72-10 record. Haley only played in one game during the regular season, but that did not stop him from supporting his teammates during games and in practice. Haley was teammates with Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman.

The Bulls went on to win their third NBA title in franchise history, and Haley got the opportunity to be a part of something special. When Haley joined the Bulls for the 1995-96 season, he established a close friendship with Rodman. His teammates enjoyed his enthusiasm and his support from the bench. After his second stint with the Bulls, he finished his career playing for the Nets for a second time. In two seasons, he played in a total of 36 games. When his playing career was over, he served as an assistant coach for the Nets and was a television broadcaster for the Lakers.

Jack Haley will always be remembered even though he wasn’t a talented player

Haley touched the lives of many of his teammates during his career. When he passed away due to heart disease, his former teammates wrote heartfelt messages via social media. Scottie Pippen wrote on his Twitter page, “Very sorry to hear my old teammate, Jack Haley, has passed away. Great guy who I stayed in touch with over the years. RIP.”

Rodman wrote, “It was like the movie 2 men and a baby when we would have his kids with us! Loved Jack Haley like a brother. #RIP.” Haley knew that he wasn’t the best player on the team but found a way to be a great teammate.