Former NFL Quarterback Joey Harrington Was Involved in a Serious Accident While Riding His Bike

Joey Harrington had an impressive football career at Oregon. He was one of the top players going into the 2002 NFL draft. However, he did not have much success when he got to the NFL. He played for four different teams throughout his career.

A few years after his final NFL season in 2008, Harrington was involved in a serious accident while he was riding his bike.

Joey Harrington was one of the top quarterbacks in college

Harrington is a native of Portland, Oregon, and he had a lot of success in high school. He attended Central Catholic High School and finished his high school career with more than 4,200 yards and 50 touchdowns passing and rushing. Harrington decided to stay at home and attend Oregon. As a freshman, he only played in two games, but he became the starting quarterback over the next three years.

During his sophomore season in 1999, he threw for 1,180 yards and 10 touchdowns. Harrington continued to improve throughout his time at Oregon. As a junior, he had a big year throwing for 2,967 yards and 22 touchdowns. Harrington established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in college. As a senior, he threw for 27 touchdowns, which was a career-high, and he finished fourth in the voting for the Heisman Trophy.

During his time at Oregon, he threw for 6,911 yards with 59 touchdowns and rushed for 210 yards with 18 touchdowns. Harrington put himself in a position to be a top draft pick.

Joey Harrington struggled throughout his NFL career

The Detroit Lions selected Harrington with the third overall pick in the 2002 draft. Detroit had high expectations for Harrington based on his success at Oregon. He quickly became the Lions starting quarterback early in the season, throwing for 2,294 yards with 12 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. The Lions struggled that season and finished with a 3-13 record.

Harrington spent four seasons in Detroit and could not lead the team to the playoffs during his time there. Detroit wanted to go in a different direction and decided to trade him to the Miami Dolphins. During the 2006 season, Harrington started 11 games for Miami throwing for 2,236 yards with 12 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He spent one season in Miami and then played for the Atlanta Falcons for a season. In 2008, he signed with the New Orleans Saints but did not appear in a game. The Saints cut him in 2009, and after that, he would not sign for another NFL team.

Joey Harrington’s tragic bike accident

After his playing career, Harrington returned to Portland. In 2011, news broke out that a car struck Harrington while he was riding a bike. According to an article from, Harrington was flipped into the air and landed on the car’s hood. After that, he fell onto the pavement and suffered deep cuts in his head, a broken clavicle and ribs, and a punctured lung.

The injuries were non-life-threatening, and Harrington was able to make a full recovery. When the accident happened, Harrington had his helmet on. After the accident, Harrington announced that his organization agreed with Nutcase Helmets to raise money to distribute bike helmets to children. Harrington is an avid bike rider, and he wants to make sure people stay safe while they’re riding their bikes.