Former Tennis Star Stephanie Reece Tragically Mourned the Murders of Her Children After Her Ex-Husband’s Horrific Apparent Actions

Stephanie Reece became one of the most successful tennis players in Indiana University history. She also even went on to compete at the highest of levels by playing at events like Wimbledon. However, she has since suffered a horrific tragedy in her post-playing days, as her ex-husband allegedly killed her two children.

Stephanie Reece had a successful tennis career

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Stephanie Reece had a ton of success at Indiana University. She even eventually entered the school’s athletics hall of fame, as she was one of the top tennis players in the Big Ten during her collegiate career.

Reece helped the Indiana Hoosiers win four Big Ten championships, and she earned First-Team All-Big Ten honors four times, according to her Hall of Fame bio. She was also the conference’s Freshman of the Year in 1989 and the Big Ten Player of the Year in 1991 and 1992.

In addition to Big Ten honors, Reece became one of the most successful tennis players in the country. She earned All-American honors in doubles in 1989 before earning the recognition in both singles and doubles in 1991 and 1992. She also competed in singles and doubles at the NCAA Championships in all four of her college seasons. Overall, at Indiana University, Reece recorded a 143-54 record in singles and a 123-22 record in doubles.

She then went on to compete at a high level professionally. According to IU’s site, she played at the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon.

Stephanie Reece’s ex-husband allegedly murdered her two children

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According to People, in September 2018, Stephanie Reece received a call. It ultimately informed her that her son and daughter, Harrison and Shelby, had not made it into school. Harrison was only 15 years old, and Shelby was only 13.

Reece couldn’t get a hold of them or her ex-husband, Michael Hunn. So, she then drove over to her ex-husband’s house. The doors, however, were locked, and nobody answered. Reece then called the police, and when the officers entered the home, they found Harrison and Shelby fatally shot in their beds. A self-inflicted gunshot wound had also killed Hunn.

According to People, police think that “Hunn killed his children while they slept before he turned the gun on himself.”

Investigators planned to try and find a potential motive. Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen, though, told People that “we may never know the reason why he did this.”

The tennis star did not have a ‘heated’ divorce with her ex-husband

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Since the two were divorced, many may wonder if Stephanie Reece and her ex-husband, who were married for about 17 years, per the IndyStar, had a bad divorce. This doesn’t appear to be the case, though. Nielsen told People that the divorce — which took place nearly a year prior — seemed amicable.

“My understanding is it wasn’t a very heated divorce and they were able to work together and in fact had seen each other recently at a tennis match,” Nielsen said, according to People. “There was nothing that would have led them to believe this would happen. They were getting through this divorce that happened in November 2017 the best they could and trying to keep the kids out of it.”

However, according to the IndyStar, after the divorce, Reece became concerned with Hunn’s alcohol abuse, and Hunn agreed to use a mobile breathalyzer for three months. In August 2018, though, Reece’s lawyer then “filed motions seeking to hold Hunn in contempt for failing to pay child support and other expenses,” per the IndyStar. Then, Hunn’s attorney, during the same month as the fatal incident, actually quit because of an “irretrievable breakdown in communication.”

No, this doesn’t actually show any motive for Hunn’s alleged actions. It does, however, give a clearer picture of what the family was going through in the months and weeks leading up to the incident.

No matter what the motive was, though, family and friends will forever mourn Harrison and Shelby.

“Shelby was agile, athletic, and competitive too,” the family wrote in their obituaries, per the IndyStar. “Her friends said she could beat them at tennis and still make them laugh. … An active teen who was well loved and had a love for life, Harrison was fun, funny, and very adventurous.”

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