Formula One’s Romain Grosjean ‘Saw Death Coming,’ Expects Psychological Help After Horrific Crash

Formula One racer Romain Grosjean is on the mend following a horrific crash, and he’s letting his fans inside.

Those fans would be wise to avoid getting inside what remains of his destroyed car. Grosjean, 34, has instead welcomed people to the aftermath of a serious motorsports accident, one that leaves physical and mental scars.

In a recent interview, Grosjean touched on those wounds and admitted that he ‘saw death coming’ as he sat amid the burning wreckage.

Romain Grosjean was involved in a horrific crash

A full-time racer since 2012, Romain Grosjean is no stranger to Formula One competition.

With that said, Grosjean is experienced when it comes to crashes, whether it means being involved in one or watching his competitors wind up in flaming wreckage.

Grosjean horrifically joined the club again during the 20-car Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix on Nov. 29, 2020. In an attempt to avoid debris, Grosjean steered right and eventually hit a barrier near an overhead sign.

The impact with the barrier split his car in half and set the vehicle ablaze. A nearby medical team rushed to Grosjean, who remained conscious and unstrapped himself from the car.

Grosjean moved from the car under his own power before being brought to a treatment center.

Grosjean is already on the comeback trail

Less than a week after the frightening incident, Romain Grosjean remains in good spirits and is on the comeback trail.

According to CNN, Grosjean suffered burns on the back of his hands. Although he has since been discharged from the Bahrain Defence Hospital, Grosjean has remained in Bahrain to receive private treatment for his burns.

Bahrain has posted numerous tweets, both of the written and video forms, since the accident. In one post, Bahrain joked about how the burns have left him “very slow at typing.”

“Never thought that a few body weight squats would make me happy. Body recovering well from the impact,” Bahrain tweeted in a picture showing him work out from his hospital room. “Hopefully same about the burns on my hands.”

Bahrain has not announced when he will be able to race next.

Romain Grosjean admitted he ‘saw death coming’


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Although his tweets tell one story about his mental state, Romain Grosjean is opening up about the other side of the story.

In an interview with French broadcaster TF1, Grosjean shared the thoughts that went through his mind while sitting in the wreckage.

CNN transcribed his comments, which included Gostjean acknowledging the mental toll of the crash.

“I was more afraid for my family and friends, obviously my children who are my greatest source of pride and energy, than for myself in the end. I think there’s going to be some psychological work to be done, because I really saw death coming.”

Grosjean said he hopes to participate in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 13. That is the season’s final race and it could be the last time Grosjean races at the Formula One level.

His team, Haas, announced in October that Grosjean and teammate Kevin Magnussen would not return next season.

“There is the need to get back in the car, if possible in Abu Dhabi, to finish my story with Formula One in a different way,” Grosjean said. “It was almost like a second birth. To come out of the flames that day is something that will mark my life forever.”

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