Fox Reporter Kristina Pink Says She’s Frequently Been Compared to an Advertising Mascot

The time will soon come where Kristina Pink advances beyond being the ‘other’ sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

A talented journalist with a fast-rising sports media portfolio, Pink is becoming a household name among fans. During the NFL season, Pink and Erin Andrews work as sideline reporters on Thursday Night Football.

When she isn’t working football games, Pink is with the Los Angeles Clippers and watching to see if Kawhi Leonard and Paul George play that night.

Now is the time to get familiar with Pink, an energetic sideline voice who said that she’d been compared to an advertising mascot in the past.

Kristina Pink is a rising star on Fox Sports

A University of Florida graduate, Kristina Pink joined Fox Sports in 2012.

Originally, she served as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports’ ever-growing college football coverage in 2013 and 2014.

Fox appointed Pink to a full-time NFL sideline reporter role in 2015. Pink teamed up with veteran play-by-play announcer Dick Stockton and former New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl.

Pink continued climbing the ladder and spent this past season primarily working on Thursday Night Football. She and Erin Andrews served as the sideline reporters each Thursday — or, whenever the game was played in the era of COVID-19.

Kristina Pink has had a heavy workload in 2021

Kristina Pink is again on the sidelines this NFL postseason.

Pink and Pam Oliver are the sideline reporters for the Rams-Packers divisional round game.

Kevin Burkhardt and former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston are the play-by-play announcer and color commentator, respectively.

When the Los Angeles Clippers opened their 2020-21 season in December, Pink returned to her job there. Pink is the sideline reporter for Clippers broadcasts on Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket.

When she trades football fields for a basketball court, Pink works with Brian Sieman and longtime NBA power forward Don MacLean.

Pink said she’s been compared to an advertising mascot


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Kristina Pink brings a natural enthusiasm and passion for whatever game she works for Fox.

Pink is fully aware of that reputation. In a 2020 interview with Uproxx, Pink reflected on her attitude and said that some had even compared her to the Energizer Bunny.

For those unfamiliar, the Energizer Bunny — the mascot of Energizer batteries — symbolizes having a great deal of energy.

“For me, sports – covering the NFL, covering the NBA, even when I worked in local TV in small town local TV – for me, it’s fun. I look at every game and every broadcast like I enjoy what I do and I want people to enjoy watching me. So I just try to have my natural energy and presence when I am on the air, and so I don’t know if I ever learned to do that, I think it was organic.”

That mindset has clearly worked for Pink, and she appears committed to continue being herself on air. Why change what works, especially when it has put Pink in multiple prominent broadcasting positions?

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