Fox Star Joe Buck Just Revealed Which Criticism Still Bothers Him the Most

Joe Buck hears your criticism and the same complaints that he’s heard in nearly 30 years of broadcasting games.

A longtime MLB and NFL voice for Fox Sports, Buck is an easy target on social media. Some fans dislike his lack of enthusiasm, while others find Buck and former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman to simply be ineffective announcers.

Buck has thick skin, and he doesn’t usually let the haters get to him. But in a recent interview, Buck admitted the one criticism that still gets on his nerves, even in 2021.

Joe Buck is still a very busy man at Fox

The bad news for people who don’t enjoy Joe Buck is that he’s still going strong and has no desire to hang it up anytime soon.

Buck remains the lead voice for Fox Sports’ MLB and NFL coverage. Although Fox has cut down on Buck’s regular-season work, baseball fans can still expect to hear him and former Braves ace John Smoltz for the All-Star Game and World Series.

During football season, Buck and Troy Aikman team up for NFL games. The duo also work with sideline reporter Erin Andrews — and, depending on the game, Kristina Pink or Tom Rinaldi.

Joe Buck is a frequent target for critical fans

Joe Buck has always had a target on his back for angry fans or viewers.

A quick scroll of the Twitter timeline during a game that Buck is calling will show how frustrated those fans can get. Buck has been accused of rooting against certain teams or being bland in the booth.

Buck is also no stranger to controversial calls. Just ask Red McCombs, the former Minnesota Vikings owner who demanded Fox remove Buck from calling games involving his team.

McCombs expressed his displeasure in January 2005, not long after Buck referred to Vikings wideout Randy Moss’ touchdown celebration — where he pretended to ‘moon’ Green Bay Packers’ fans — as a “disgusting act.”

Buck just explained which criticism bothers him the most


The Things Joe Buck Would Do In the Booth for $20

Joe Buck is fully aware of how critical fans can be, especially those who believe he is rooting against their teams.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Buck explained that the criticism he receives from New York fans still bothers him the most.

“Specifically, that I don’t like the Yankees, which kills me because I’ve known Joe Torre since I was 2, and obviously it’s good for our network when New York’s in anything, but … just the whole idea that you’re always rooting against every team because I’m not there representing either one of the two teams that are playing that day, so you got to get excited for both, and both fan bases think you’re rooting against them when you’re loud for the other team which they don’t hear all year from their hometown announcers. That drives me crazy. I don’t care who wins, I just want to see a great game or a long series in the case of baseball. “

The good news for Yankees fans is that the team won four of their five most recent World Series titles with Joe Buck calling the Fall Classic. The 1999 World Series, which featured Bob Costas and NBC working the series, is the lone exception.

Yankees fans may want Buck to start rooting against their team, though. The Yankees haven’t won a World Series since 2009, and fans are getting extremely impatient. Perhaps Buck openly hoping the Yankees lose could work as a jinx and bring the 28th title to Yankee Stadium.

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