Gardner Minshew and 9 Other NFL Players With the Best Facial Hair in 2019

One of this NFL season’s most popular early storylines is Gardner Minshew stepping in for Nick Foles at quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Minshew’s gained almost as much attention for his facial hair than for his actual play (which has been pretty good so far).

In honor the Jaguars’ new quarterback, let’s take a closer look at the 10 NFL players with the best facial hair in 2019: 

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Is it something with quarterbacks playing in Florida? Gardner Minshew has some impressive facial hair, and so does in-state cohort Ryan Fitzpatrick. It seems as though Miami Dolphins’ quarterback has been growing his beard forever when you look at its size. It’s hard to pinpoint a more epic beard in the league based on its sheer thickness alone. No word on whether any birds built nests in there. 

Aaron Rodgers

This season as in seasons past, Aaron Rodgers is brandishing a thick, handlebar mustache. It’s a good look for Rodgers, who always seems to have a great sense of humor. It’s unclear whether he likes the look or appreciates the comedic value of a good mustache. Either way, he looks like he’s about to join Wyatt Earp on a shoot out at the O.K. Corral. 

Odell Beckham, Jr. 

Proving that great facial hair isn’t limited to Gardner Minshew and his quarterback brethren, wide receiver Odell Beckham gets a lot of attention. His play on the field, his antics off it, and even his unique hairstyles get him constantly mentioned on the news and social media. One thing that doesn’t get enough credit is his beard. It may not be an acrobatic one-handed catch, but Beckham deserves some credit for being able to maintain such a well-trimmed beard throughout the season. 

Quenton Nelson

Unlike Aaron Rodgers, who has what appears to be a half-handlebar mustache, Quenton Nelson has a full handlebar. It extends down to his jawline, where it would be a goatee if not for the fact that he shaved his chin. It’s truly a sight to behold — an intimidating look for anyone lining up opposite of Nelson. 

Travis Frederick

The Cowboys’ star center has a beard so long it could give Ryan Fitzpatrick’s a run for its money. It’s unclear how much this aids his blocking ability, but if you ask Ezekiel Elliott or any other members of the Cowboys offensive line, they’d probably prefer he keeps the beard indefinitely. No sense in potentially jinxing anything. 

Josh Rosen

Many NFL players — we’re looking at you, offensive linemen — like to let their beards grow wild. Not this Miami Dolphins’ quarterback. Josh Rosen keeps his beard tight, unlike fellow Fins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’s a far cry from the baby-faced look he sported at UCLA. 

Patrick Chung

The key to Patrick Chung’s facial hair excellence? It’s all about the goatee. He’s got coverage on the face, but the goatee extends out a little further. It’s a pretty cool look

Reid Ferguson

The Buffalo Bills’ Reid Ferguson shaves his head but keeps a beard. That’s not what puts him on this list, however. He’s on it because he’s one of the league’s few redheads with a beard. 

Cole Beasley

Like Jacksonville QB Gardner Minshew, Bills receiver Cole Beasley has some of the best facial hair in the NFL.
Bills receiver Cole Beasley has some of the best facial hair in the NFL. | Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills’ receiver Cole Beasley is known for being a pain for defenses to cover out of the slot. He should also be known for his beard. When paired with his floppy, sandy brown hair, Beasley’s beard creates a lion-like appearance for his face. It’s a mane even Mufasa could be proud of. 

Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew’s mustache-soul patch is so perfect that it calls into question whether he’s a professional NFL quarterback. It’s not that he isn’t talented. It’s just that with that facial hair, he looks like he’s been pulled right out of a 70s cop show. One look at him leaves you unsure if he’s going to throw a pass or chase down criminals on a motorcycle.