Gervonta Davis Is Facing More Than 7 Years in Prison That Could Doom His Unbeaten Boxing Career

Gervonta Davis has experienced a steady rise to becoming one of boxing‘s best young fighters. Davis has put a bright future ahead of himself behind his continued dominant performance. All that may come to a sudden halt due to his latest serious legal situation that could result in a stiff jail sentence.

Gervonta Davis’ rise to boxing stardom

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Over the last few years, Gervonta Davis has become one of the most thrilling young boxing talents.

Davis has firmly asserted himself in the lightweight and super featherweight classes behind his dominance in the ring. He has won his first 24 fights with 23 knockouts, giving him a 95.8% knockout-to-win ratio.

The 26-year-old is coming off a convincing performance last October against Leo Santa Cruz, knocking him out in the sixth round to retain the WBA lightweight title and win the WBA super featherweight championship. Davis’ work in the ring helped earn him recognition as the best super featherweight in the world by the Transnational Boxing Ranking Board.

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has taken him under his wing as his protege. However, his boxing career and life may take a disappointing turn after his latest legal problem.

Gervonta Davis is facing more than 7 Years in prison due to hit-and-run incident

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Gervonta Davis’ ascension to boxing stardom has been marred by his struggles away from the ring.

Davis is involved in yet another concerning situation as the Baltimore City State’s Attorney Office revealed that he has been indicted on 14 counts of various traffic violations related to an alleged hit-and-run last November.

The 26-year-old is facing a possible maximum of seven years and 55 days in prison. The court documents report that Davis, who was driving a 2020 Lamborghini Uris, took a red light and struck the front passenger side of a 2004 Toyota Solara.

A video obtained from a nearby convenience store showed Davis’ car hit the store’s fence after the collision. Witness accounts and other video from the incident displayed a black Camaro show up after the crash that led to items from Lamborghini being transfer to the car. There is also visual evidence of Davis and a woman leaving the scene of the accident in the Camaro.

The Toyota Solara is described as “destroyed,” while the four people in the car received medical attention at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma. The attorney for the driver of the vehicle told The Baltimore Sun that his client suffered “fairly serious injuries” that have led to a challenging recovery.

Each of the victims in the crash managed to survive the incident. Davis’ alleged actions from the situation could lead to a lengthy jail sentence that can ruin his boxing future.

His future in the ring remains out of his hands

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Gervonta Davis is one of boxing’s best young talents, but it’s been his troubling past that has haunted him.

Davis holds a long history of concerning actions that have presented several red flags. In 2017, he was arrested for assault after punching one of his friends. The following year he was arrested for his involvement in street fighting in Washington D.C.

The spotlight shined on him again after a video showed him being overly physical with his ex-girlfriend at a celebrity basketball game in February 2020. However, none of these situations presented the possible legal punishment possibly ahead with the current hit-and-run case.

There will be many eyes on the situation as it could see his in-ring career take a crushing hit. In other words, his future in the ring is now completely out of his hands.