Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch Is the Only Person in the World Who’s Won a Super Bowl and an Oscar

Inheriting a lucrative NFL team isn’t too bad — just ask Steve Tisch. But before he got comfortable in the New York Giants‘ front office, he wanted to make a name for himself. Tisch is a talented movie producer who’s delivered iconic films like Risky Business, Forrest Gump, and American History X. He’s also the only person to ever win an Oscar and two Super Bowl rings. Here’s what you need to know about this Giants co-owner.

Steve Tisch’s family

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Tisch was born in New Jersey to Joan and Preston Robert (Bob) Tisch. His father Bob, along with Bob’s brother Laurence, formed the Loew’s Corporation in 1946 with the opening of a hotel. From there, the brothers expanded their hotel empire and would eventually get into the insurance and natural gas industries.

In 1991, Bob paid upwards of $70 million for a 50% stake in the Giants. After his death, Steve served as the family’s point man for the organization. Along with John Mara, the duo is the face of the Giants. Today, the estimated net worth of the Giants is in the ballpark of $3.3 billion.

The team was a playoff threat through the mid-to-late 2000s. But recent controversies like the benching of long-time quarterback Eli Manning, and the high-profile firings of the head coach and general manager in 2017 caused chaos and unrest for the rest of the season. The Giants are looking to turn their losing ways around and get back to the winning seasons of the past.

Steve Tisch paves his own way

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch celebrates their Super Bowl win
Giants co-owner Steve Tisch celebrates their Super Bowl win | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Steve attended Tufts University with hopes of a filmmaking career. After working for Columbia Pictures for a bit, he left to found his own production company, which went on to produce Risky Business, Tom Cruise’s breakout hit. Steve’s controversial made-for-TV movie, The Burning Bed, earned 11 Emmy nominations and brought to life the horror of domestic violence.

Steve’s most well-known film, Forrest Gump, almost never existed. The New York Film Academy Blog reports that he spent nine years trying to move the film forward. The missing ingredient involved love stories between the characters, and how their relationships changed and evolved over time.

The film earned a whopping $683 million at the box office and earned a slew of awards, including an Oscar, making Steve the only man to ever receive an Oscar and two coveted Super Bowl rings. With all his success, Sports Illustrated estimates that the Giants co-owner has a net worth of $1.2 billion. 

The Tisch family and charity

Even though Tisch has had plenty of good fortune, he couldn’t escape a recent tragedy to his family. This past August, he announced that his daughter Hilary, only 36, had died. Experiencing depression for years, Hilary Tisch attempted suicide. After going to the hospital, she passed away. Steve and the Tisch family were devastated saying, “It leaves a hole in our hearts and our lives.”

Because of his tragedies and good fortunes, Steve understands the importance of charity work. The Jewish Standard reports that he’s involved in many charities, including the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Care Center at Duke University, his own Steve Tisch Foundation, and the Tisch School of Arts at New York University.

A family friend close to Tisch told the same publication, “He is the real deal. It is no accident that he is a winner in everything he does and that winning includes helping other people, and caring about the Jewish community and the community at large.”