Golf Reporter Amanda Balionis Describes the Sink-or-Swim Moment in Her Career

Golf fans recognize Amanda Balionis for her impressive reporting skills on CBS. The 33-year-old was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up in a family who loved sports. When Balionis was just nine years old, her parents signed her up for golf classes — and the rest is history.

The star’s charming personality and love of golf are just some of the reasons why Balionis has such an excellent reputation in broadcasting. Her participation on social media and a keen sense of reporting are a few others. So let’s look at how Balionis’ career began.

Amanda Balionis’ beginnings as a golf reporter

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A Pennsylvania native, Balionis attended Kutztown University before transferring to Hofstra University. While in college, Balionis completed five internships, reports Celeb Center. Working with ABC News and WRHU Radio Station were two of her experiences. Balionis graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism.

After working for a local newspaper for a few months she was laid off. But with the help of college connections, she secured a job reporting on high school sports for Verizon Fios Channel 1. From there Balionis began reporting for MSG Network in New York. Soon after Balionis found herself reporting and hosting the PGA Tours. Balionis’ work ethic paid off when she was offered a job as a Golf Reporter for CBS Sports. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t immediately receive the encouragement she was looking for when starting at CBS, according to Moden Wellness Guide. She vividly remembers her producer explaining, “We’re not bringing you in because you’re the best woman for this job. We’re bringing you in because you’re the best available person for this job.” Getting what many would consider to be her dream job started off on this note must have not been the best feeling.

Not to mention, in the past Balionis has always been candid about her struggles with confidence regarding reporting. Plus, she was trying to establish a name for herself in a field typically dominated by men. Fortunately, it didn’t take Balionis long to show audiences and viewers she’s the real deal.

When it comes to her career, she shares that the key to most of her success is dedication. Balionis spoke about her journey in this field: “None of my career worked out the way I thought it was going to, but thankfully, in the end, it has. It took a decade for me to get to the place I thought I was going to be. It’s about being passionate and not giving up.” 

Amanda Balionis describes working with Jim Nantz and the CBS Sports team

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After Balionis accepted the reporting position with CBS Sports she would often be interviewed about what it was like to work with famous sportscaster Jim Nantz and the likes. The rising reporter has had nothing but positive things to say about Nantz and the team.

Balionis remembers her mom texting her after the first time she was on the air; they both “fangirled” over the fact that Nantz knew her name. Balionis also shared that all of the producers get together for dinner once a week which really allows them to get to know one another.

In one interview when she was speaking about work she said, “It’s been incredible. I tell the story when they first asked me to join the Golf on CBS team, I just felt really lucky and grateful for the fact that anybody felt confident in me to take a risk. Because it was a role that they hadn’t really tried out before.” Balionis’ career has skyrocketed to new levels. She’s likely grateful to have survived this monumental moment of her career. 

What was Amanda Balionis’ ‘sink or swim’ moment of her career? 

TV personality Amanda Balionis
Amanda Balionis looks on during a practice round | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Before Balionis worked for CBS, she developed an extensive background when it came to reporting. However, even then she admitted to struggling with feeling confident, details Golf Digest. The reporter found herself overcompensating by taking a tremendous amount of notes or asking a ton of questions. After some time, Balionis realized by over-preparing she was trying to prove to herself that belonged there.

In an interview with Golf Digest, she shared the “sink or swim” moment that changed everything for her. When Turner Sports hired Balionis to do the TNT coverage of the PGA Championships, she knew she needed to believe in herself otherwise she would fail. Luckily, Balionis trusted her gut and intuition and let her skills, craft, and knowledge lead the way.