Golfer John Catlin Was So Hungry He Gave Up a Major Tournament to Get Food

American golfer John Catlin has become the latest athlete to get punished for breaking strict health protocols during the coronavirus pandemic. Several athletes have accrued infractions since sports resumed in recent weeks. A few even got in trouble for craving specific foods when they were supposed to be social distancing. Catlin is no exception.

John Catlin gets some food

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Catlin was supposed to be getting ready for another competition, but thanks to an empty stomach, he will have to watch the tournament from afar. The UK-based bubble is part of the English Championship, a bubble that is located at Hanbury Manor. The championship was supposed to be a light distraction from everything going on. But with so much at risk, the league cannot be lax with its rules. 

Catlin, along with his caddie, left the luxury hotels and the golf course to get some food, but after word got out that he did so outside the bubble, people began to question the golfer. He released a statement telling his side of the story. After the league disqualified Catlin from the tournament, he acknowledged that he did something that he shouldn’t have done. 

“I apologize to my fellow players and everyone involved with the tournament this week for this error of judgment,” said Catlin per The Guardian. “I understand the European Tour’s decision and accept the sanction.” The Tour also commented on the punishment, stating exactly why Catlin was removed from the competition. 

“The European Tour has withdrawn American John Catlin and his caddie Nathan Mulrooney from this week’s English Championship at Hanbury Manor following a breach of its Covid-19 protocol,” the Tour said. “The duo visited a local restaurant on the evening of Tuesday, August 4 outside the tournament bubble, hence compromising the Tour’s health guidelines, and were withdrawn from the tournament with immediate effect as a result.” Catlin was just the latest athlete to get in trouble for breaking protocol. 

Lou Williams gets some wings

The highest-profile case of a player facing trouble for food pertained to Clippers guard Lou Williams. Returning to Atlanta to deal with a family emergency, Williams was supposed to practice as much precaution as possible outside of the NBA-sanctioned bubble. Then, a video emerged of Williams at a strip club. And people had questions, details the New York Post.

At face value, it seemed like questionable judgment. However, after several locals said the club Williams went to was known for its chicken wings, it became clear that he was not at the strip club for luxury; he simply got wings like he would at any other restaurant. Williams had to quarantine when he got back, but he eventually got back to the court. 

Sacramento Kings forward Richaun Holmes found himself in a similar situation after picking up some food of his own. 

Richaun Holmes gets some wings, too

The NBA received mockery and ire from fans thanks to a snitch line inside the bubble. The league is trying to keep things as safe as possible. After Dwight Howard was caught without a mask, thanks to the line, people understood why it was necessary. During the early days of the bubble, however, Holmes decided to get some food. 

Holmes wasn’t trying to break protocol when he exited bubble borders to pick up an order. But he did just that. Although he merely grabbed the food and returned, he was caught by the league. Forced to self-quarantine for 10 days, he could resume basketball activities afterward. Holmes acknowledged his mistake to The Sacramento Bee. 

Players are human like anyone else. Whether they are openly defiant or just grabbing wings, they must know their adherence to the rules is essential right now. Still, there will always be those who test it for some good food.