Goran Dragic Has Quietly Earned Over $100 Million in the NBA

When fans think of the NBA, they usually think of stars like LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Magic Johnson. Goran Dragic doesn’t often come up in conversation, but he’s a strong athlete who makes important contributions to the Miami Heat. Many refer to him as a relentless attacker with a professional finish.

It’s no secret that many NBA players make a killing. Dragic earns a lot of money, and many fans didn’t even know about his colossal payday. Let’s find out how Dragic has quietly earned over $100 million.

Who is Goran Dragic?

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Dragic was born in Slovenia on May 6, 1986, to a Serbian father and Slovenian mother. He played football growing up but always admired NBA stars like Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan. Dragic speaks fluent Serbian, Slovenian, English, and Spanish.

His younger brother Zoran Dragic played alongside him with the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns before he moved to Spain to play for the KirolBET Baskonia. Goran and his longtime girlfriend tied the knot in August 2013. They welcomed their first son, Mateo, in November 2013.

Goran and Zoran played alongside brothers Markieff and Marcus Morris for the Suns to bring home a victory against the 76ers in 2015. The game marked the first time in NBA history where two pairs of brothers played in the same team at the same time

Goran joined the NBA in 2008 as the 45th overall pick in the second round by the San Antonio Spurs. He was then exchanged for Malik Hairston in the 48th pick. In September 2008, he was set to take over the point guard position after Steve Nash resigned.

In 2012, the now-Miami Heat player joined the Suns again for a second stint agreeing to a $30 million 4-year contract. Goran played for the Phoenix Suns as the starting point guard achieving career highs during his time with the Suns.

Dragic’s time with the Heat

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Goran joined the Miami Heat in February 2015 and made his debut with three rebounds and 12 points in a loss against the New Orleans Pelicans. He’s always been a solid player but joining the Heat made him work toward his best.

Goran currently averages 5.1 assists and 16.1 points in every game with 3.1 rebounds. In 2014, he was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player. Then, in 2017, he made it to the NBA All-Star playing in Team LeBron. The Heat point guard has a 25.7% usage rate, the same as he had when he made it to the NBA All-Star team in 2017.

Despite missing out on a few seasons to a back injury, Goran has still proven himself a valuable point guard.

How Dragic has made $114 million in the NBA

In July 2015, Goran signed a new contract with the Heat for an extended five-year contract worth $90 million. The contract would make Goran eligible for a 30% maximum salary cap bringing the deal to $110 million. According to Spotrac, he earns an annual average salary of $17 million. In the 2019-2020 season, Goran’s salary was capped at $19 million.

There are minimal chances that Goran’s contract will get renewed. But considering that Jimmy Butler called Dragic his favorite teammate, the Heat point guard might get a two-year renewal with the Heat.