Greg Norman’s 1st Divorce Is Still 1 of the Biggest in Sports History

Many pro athletes have had messy divorces. Wrestler Hulk Hogan lost a lot of assets in his 2011 divorce. Tiger Woods‘ infidelities ended his marriage to Elin Nordegren in 2010. Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and even Michael Jordan all experienced ugly divorce proceedings, too. Yet one of the most expensive divorces came courtesy of former golf star Greg Norman, whose marriage to Laura Andrassy broke down in 2006.

Let’s look at the divorce and what it cost Norman, as well as investigate his second divorce and current marriage.

Greg Norman’s first marriage and divorce

Greg Norman talks to the media in 2006
Greg Norman talks to the media in 2006 | Paul Miller/Getty Images

The golfer’s first wife was a woman named Laura Andrassy. When the two met, she was working as a flight attendant. The couple married in July 1981 and had two children together: a son, Greg Norman, Jr., and a daughter, Morgan-Leigh.

For many years, the sports world assumed the Normans’ marriage was happy. Then, in 2006, after 25 years together, they shocked the world by announcing their divorce. The split proved an especially costly one for Norman. Andrassy walked away with a total of $103 million of his assets.

Furthermore, the divorce included an agreement regarding the couple’s son and daughter. When Norman passes away, Greg Jr. and Morgan-Leigh have a legal claim to all of his golf trophies, as well as $103 million in cash.

Norman’s second marriage — and second divorce

As shocking as Norman’s divorce was, it paled in comparison to his quick remarriage. In June 2008, Norman tied the knot a second time with former World No. 1 tennis player, Chris Evert. Apparently, the two had been having an affair that dated back to before Norman’s marriage. Evert also divorced her first husband in 2006. She got off with a relatively light $7 million dollar payment to her ex-husband.

 In 2007, a year before Norman and Evert tied the knot, his ex-wife chimed in with friendly advice. “If I had any advice,” Andrassy told the Telegraph, “I’d tell them to enjoy a long period between the two marriages.” Needless to say, Norman and Evert did not heed this input. They ended up getting their own divorce just 18 months later.

According to the couple’s friends, the divorce stemmed from the couple’s clashing “huge egos.” Fortunately for Norman, his second divorce didn’t come with a huge price tag. He and Evert had signed a pre-nuptial agreement before they wed. His net worth at the time was approximately $500 million.

Norman’s current marriage and financial prospects

Once again, Norman didn’t wait long before tying the knot again. His third marriage came in November 2010, when he married an interior designer by the name of Kristen Kutner. Back when the engagement was first announced, both of Norman’s ex-wives chimed in with their thoughts.

Evert publicly wished Norman well on his third marriage, telling The Daily Telegraph, “I know he is aggressive and works fast, but I’m not disappointed.” His first wife Andrassy seemed to take the news a little harder. And with good reason: Norman apparently had an affair with Kutner way back in 1993, while he was still married to Andrassy.

Despite all odds, Norman and Kutner’s marriage seems to be on stable ground, with the two still happily together 10 years later. Photos regularly surface of the two living lavishly on yachts and private jets. Even in retirement, Norman remains incredibly rich, with an estimated net worth of around $400 million.