Greg Olsen Is Open To a Challenge Involving LeBron James

If LeBron James ever wants to pursue a career in football, former Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen is willing to help.

Olsen, who recently retired after 14 seasons in the NFL, has high hopes about what he and James could do together. All Olsen needs — and he shared his confidence during a recent interview with Colin Cowherd — is a chance to work with the basketball legend.

Greg Olsen thinks he’d work wonders with LeBron James

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Greg Olsen is going into broadcasting, but he is talking like someone who is ready to become a coach.

Olsen, who now works for Fox Sports, appeared on the March 8 episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast on The Volume. During their conversation, Olsen said there is “no question” that he could turn LeBron James into an All-Pro wide receiver.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ll let Olsen explain.

“I do think [LeBron] could play NFL wide receiver. For how long? I think he would be stupid to stop playing basketball to come play football. But yes, I do think he could in the short-term. Yes, I do.”

Olsen said that he only needed one year with James. After that, the results would show in a big way.

James was open to signing with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011

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Instead of Greg Olsen coaching LeBron James, the two could have faced off on the football field a decade ago.

James admitted last year that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offered him a contract in 2011. Both the NBA and NFL had lockouts that year, although the latter began its regular season on time.

James had last played football as a high school junior in Ohio. He quit football before his senior year after breaking his wrist in an AAU basketball game that summer.

The 2011 campaign was Olsen’s first with the Panthers, who did not play the Cowboys that season. However, the two teams faced off in 2012, a game the Cowboys won, 19-14, on the road.

James stuck with basketball and won his first title with the Miami Heat in June 2012.

Greg Olsen also wants to work with Russell Westbrook

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LeBron James isn’t the only NBA star who Greg Olsen believes could dominate on the gridiron if given the opportunity.

Olsen told Cowherd that he could turn Washington Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook into an All-Pro safety. Westbrook played linebacker and running back growing up in California.

“There’s a handful of those guys that could make the transition just because they are so unique,” Olsen said. “But there’s few and far between those guys.”

Unfortunately for Olsen, he’ll have to hold off on imagining the money that he would get from coaching James and Westbrook. Both players are committed to their NBA careers and have shown no recent interest in quitting basketball for a chance in the NFL.

But, Greg Olsen is dreaming big, and that bodes well for his overall future. Maybe he and Fox colleague Alex Rodriguez can consult Kyler Murray if the Cardinals’ star quarterback ever wants to join the Oakland Athletics.

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