Hailie Deegan Admits Willingness to Brawl With Another NASCAR Truck Series Driver but Knows What Would Happen if She Tried

Hailie Deegan knows some of her fellow NASCAR Truck Series drivers don’t like her on the track just because of her gender. While no one has said it directly to her, their actions have proven it to be true. During a recent appearance on the I Am Athlete-NASCAR podcast, the 20-year-old driver bluntly admitted she wouldn’t back down from a physical confrontation with another driver and she knows what would happen if she tried.

Hailie Deegan has feuded with Drew Dollar in the past

Hailie Deegan and Drew Dollar have a history together. Dollar turned the No. 4 car during the ARCA Series race in July of 2020 at Kentucky. After the race, Deegan called him out.

“Some people just don’t know how to race on bigger tracks sometimes. Unexperienced. There’s a lot unexperienced drivers out there and we’re all learning,” Deegan said while looking at a replay of the incident. “Pretty much I was wasn’t moving up. I was right there and then I just got hooked. It happens I guess.”

It happened again later in the season at Kansas. Once again, Deegan shared her frustration after the race. 

“We were side-by-side on the backstretch,” she said. “We went into turn 3, and I gave him a bunch of room because I knew there was a lapper on the very bottom down there. If I pass him on the top, also if he clears me, whatever. I just honestly feel bad for the Waste Co and Toter guys. It seems like every race they title a car, we seem to get wrecked by Drew. It happens.”

Hailie Deegan admits willingness to fight other drivers

While Hailie Deegan called out Drew Dollar multiple times, there was never a physical confrontation. It’s not because she was afraid of it. It’s because she knows Dollar, and no other driver would fight her because of her gender.    

She admitted as much on the I Am Athlete-NASCAR podcast when co-host Channing Crowder asked if she would be willing to fight. 

“That’s a hard one because if I was a guy it would be totally different. Of course I would. I would have no problem with that and there’s probably a few of the people I probably would have already,” Deegan admitted. “The fact that I’m a girl, it’s like it’s a double negative because like first of all, they’re just going to say, ‘Oh look at her, she knows he can’t hit back and stuff.’ And then if he does hit back everyone is going to hate on him. I would be OK with it. Like I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But it’s not a win for anybody.” 

Calls out certain drivers for disrespectful racing

Hailie Deegan waits on grid
Hailie Deegan waits on the grid prior to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series United Rentals 176 at Watkins Glen International on August 07, 2021. | Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

In addition to Dollar, Deegan has a few other drivers she wouldn’t mind confronting based on how they’ve raced her during her first season in the NASCAR Truck Series. In that same podcast episode, she called out the older drivers for the disrespectful way they treat her on the track. 

“And I feel like the older generation; it’s hard for them to respect you. So I notice whenever I get into incidents with some of the older guys on the track, it always drags on and it’s always a lot more heightened than it is with the younger guys,” she said. “Like wrecks, hard battles. It’s like they can do something to me but if I do it back it’s a problem. I’m like, ‘Well you just did the same thing.'”

Deegan’s willingness to stir it up with the men off the track might sound entertaining, but it’s her determination to battle them on the track and how successful she is doing it that will ultimately define her legacy.

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