Has Jon Jones Ever Lost a UFC Fight?

Jon Jones is one of the best UFC fighters ever. Not only has he beaten nearly everybody in his division, but he’s also been doing it for over a decade. Fans love to watch him fight, too. Jones is a well-rounded fighter which makes his takedowns exciting and no win is ever the same. But has the champion ever lost a fight?

Why Jon Jones is so good

For many MMA fans, Jones is the perfect fighter. He has it all. He’s tall but not so large that he’s slow. He has some of the longest arms in the UFC, and that gives him advantages in many areas of the sport. 

Like Khabib Nurmagomedov, he’s also a great wrestler. Jones began his wrestling career in high school, where he won a state wrestling championship in his senior year. His early training and strong background in wrestling allows Jones to be one of the UFC’s best wrestlers.

But, he’s not just a good wrestler. He can fight well everywhere. His long limbs allow him to punch and kick his opponents from a long range. He’s also very smart in the octagon, and he rarely makes mistakes. On top of that, like Tony Ferguson, Jones is very creative. He can hit his opponents with blows that they just don’t see coming. 

An impressive UFC record

All of those skills and attributes have allowed Jones to dominate almost everyone that’s come his way. In fact, in 2011, he knocked out one of the UFC’s most famous fighters, Mauricio Rua, to win the light heavyweight title. That win isn’t all that surprising today, but Jones did that at the age of 23. As a result, Jones became the youngest UFC champion ever, and nobody has broken that record.

Since that win, Jones has simply outsmarted and outfought all of his opponents, even his rival, Daniel Cormier. In fact, despite being rivals, Cormier was never close to beating Jones. In their rematch in 2017, Jones knocked Cormier out in the third round. It was Cormier’s first knockout loss ever. 

After that loss, Cormier went on to become the heavyweight champion. But, by winning the heavyweight belt, Cormier showed the world just how good Jones is, as Cormier dominated the heavyweight champion and knocked him out in the first round.

Has Jon Jones ever lost a fight?

Jones’ third UFC fight in 2009 would ultimately turn into his first and only loss. Some may not consider it to be a real loss. The reason being that Jones was, unsurprisingly, dominating his opponent, Matt Hamill, for the entire fight. It wasn’t even close, and Jones was on his way to securing a win.

But Jones, in part because of how new he was to the sport, landed some illegal elbows on Hamill’s head, which cut open Hamill’s face and caused him to start bleeding a lot. That’s when the referee stepped in.

The ref’s job is to protect fighters from too much harm. Jones was obviously landing illegal strikes, and Hamill was obviously losing. So, referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight and asked Hamill whether or not he could continue. There was one problem though.

Hamill is deaf. Mazzagatti may or may not have known he had been asked the question, but regardless, Mazzagatti took Hamill’s reaction as a ‘no’. Mazzagatti called the fight off, and because Jones had landed those illegal strikes, Mazzagatti disqualified Jones and gave Hamill the win. Because of how dominant Jones was in the fight and because of how the ref handled it though, many fans don’t consider this defeat a true loss for Jones.