Have Serena and Venus Williams Played Doubles Tennis Together?

Venus and Serena Williams have been dominating the competition to varying degrees for over 20 years now. While their individual accolades often supersede any joint ones that they hold, their doubles career shows what happens when two juggernauts who grew up playing both beside and against each other join forces. The results have been as astounding as anything they have done individually.

Serena and Venus Williams growing up

With only a little more than a year between them, Venus and Serena grew up playing in Compton, CA. Their father, Richard, was a tennis fanatic, and he decided to instill a love of the game in his daughters from a very early age. Although their older sisters dabbled in tennis it wasn’t until Venus and Serena came along that the dreams of professional play became reality.

The girls were home-schooled by their mother, and their father coached them from the age of four years old. Everything from there was history, and the girls would go on to become successful from a very early age. 

Individual accolades

Individually, both Williams sisters are among the best to ever play the game. Venus has 49 Women’s Singles titles and Serena has 72. While Serena’s 23 Grand Slam titles often dominate the competition, Venus’s seven Grand Slams will often trump any other player’s feats. They have both won gold at the Olympics together, both have been ranked number 1. Head-to-head, Serena leads the series 18-12.

One thing that will stick out to nearly any tennis fan who pays attention, too, is how much the two sisters support each other. Regardless of what the other does in a tournament. If they aren’t playing each or preparing for their own match, other there’s a good chance that fans will see one sister cheering on the other sister, but when they take the court together in doubles, their record shows just how dominant they are as a unit. 

Playing together

The Serena and Venus have been playing doubles together off and on since 1997, and it didn’t take them long to establish their dominance. Since their debut, the sisters have made it a habit of dominating the competition, scoring a 125-14 record against the competition in Grand Slam competitions alone. When they get to the final round together, amassing a 14-0 record in Grand Slam finals. 

The sisters’ most successful tournament, title-wise has been Wimbledon. There, they have won 45 of the 50 matches they have played with another. Behind Wimbledon, they have won 36 of 40 matches that they have played at the Australian open en-route to four titles there.

Their drop off at both the French Open and U.S. Open is most likely due to the sparsity in which they have even competed at those two tournaments, but they have won four titles between those two on a 42-9 record, overall.

The dominance does not just stay in the Tour, either. The Williams sisters have gotten three gold medals together as well, losing only once in 2016, 

Will Serena and Venus play together again?

The sisters last played a doubles match in 2018, but it does not mean that tennis fans are done seeing them compete together. Venus may not be ranked as high as a typical Olympian at 56, but the Olympics are as much about the story as they are competition.

If anyone knows the Williams sisters’ historical competitiveness, they know that the sisters will likely not want to go out with their 2016 loss looming, and the team may want to use their veteran presence as they go into Tokyo next year.

The Williams sisters are obviously two of the best to ever player individually, but fans should never downplay all the work they did together on the side.