Here’s What Needs to Happen For Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to Clinch a Playoff Berth in Week 14

The NFL season is reaching the final push. With every week that goes by, the playoff brackets shift dramatically. As Week 14 kicks off, the Green Bay Packers are right on the cusp of locking up the NFC North and giving Aaron Rodgers potentially one final ride to a Super Bowl.

The Packers are 9-3 heading into Sunday night’s clash with the Chicago Bears, and Green Bay holds a comfortable lead in the division. Rodgers and the Packers can inch closer to an NFC North crown if they take care of the Bears on Sunday evening.

Here’s how things need to unfold for Rodgers and the Packers.

The Packers can secure a playoff spot in Week 14 by defeating the Bears on Sunday Night Football

Things are looking mighty interesting in the NFL. At the end of Week 13, the Packers sat one game back of the Arizona Cardinals for the top overall seed in the NFC.

Now, the Packers face the lowly Bears, a team on the cusp of finally ending the Matt Nagy experiment. Nonetheless, Green Bay needs to take care of business.

First things first, the Packers need to win — which shouldn’t be an issue. After that, a couple of things need to fall into place.

The first scenario is a New Orleans Saints loss or tie followed by a San Francisco 49ers loss. The second scenario would be a Saints loss or tie, Los Angeles Rams loss, and. 49ers tie.

If either of those scenarios happens, the Packers playoff spot is locked in and they can focus on clinching the division and working to secure home-field advantage.

The Vikings thwarted the Packers hopes of clinching the NFC North in Week 14

Minnesota rushed out — literally — to a 23-0 lead going into the half. Somehow, the Steelers came roaring back to come within striking distance. But, another Chase Claypool blemish put another wrench in the Steelers’ path and they couldn’t score in the final seconds to fall to the Vikings.

Now, if the Vikings had lost — which seemed likely after they fell to the Detroit Lions just days earlier — the Packers would have had an opportunity to lock up the NFC North this weekend.

Unfortunately for Rodgers and Green Bay, the Vikings responded and are technically still alive for the division crown. Moreover, Minnesota jumped back into the NFC Wild Card race in what will surely be a fun race down the stretch.

Aaron Rodgers can “own” the Bears one more time and possibly snag the top spot in the NFC

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers against the Bears.
Aaron Rodgers | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers, Owner of the Chicago Bears, Doesn’t Need to Defend His Epic Smack Talk. The Numbers Are on His Side

Rodgers owns the Bears, plain and simple. He said it last time when these two teams met earlier in the season in what has become a famous clip.

He can do it again with all the lights on and potentially have the Packers at the top of the NFC. The Rams and Cardinals play each other on Monday Night Football, and a Rams victory would have the Packers and Cardinals tied for the best record in the NFC — and the NFL, for that matter.

We should expect another masterful performance from Rodgers once again and more pain for Bears fans, who are just waiting for the day that Nagy is fired.

So, a Packers victory and a couple of other things will ensure them a playoff spot, but thanks to the Vikings, they have to wait one more week to lock up the NFC North.