Here’s Why Carmelo Anthony Needs to Join the BIG3

Carmelo Anthony is still waiting for a call-up from an NBA team following his short stint with the Houston Rockets at the beginning of last season. While many believe that Anthony could still be an NBA player, they fear that he is not willing to accept the smaller role that is typically reserved for a player his age.

While his friend, LeBron James, is still playing at a superstar level, most players break down in their mid-thirties, and it is up to them to adjust their game. 

However, if Anthony could take a hint from another recently cast off NBA player, could his career see new life? 

The Joe Johnson BIG3 Method

Like Anthony, Johnson found himself without a team last season. At 38 years of age, Johnson is older than Anthony and showed major signs of regression during his last season in the NBA.

Once one of the highest players in the NBA, Johnson found himself near the end of the bench on a Rockets team that would eventually lose to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals before his quiet offseason. 

Rather than wait for an NBA team to call on his, Johnson took a different route to get back in the NBA. He worked on his game and eventually decided to sign with Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league.

With 3-on-3 basketball and even a four-point shot, the BIG3 is a far cry from the NBA, but with rosters largely made up of former NBA stars and recent NBA cast-offs, it was the perfect opportunity for Johnson to shine. 

What Carmelo Anthony can learn from Joe Johnson’s BIG3 season

Johnson would channel all the things that made him a multiple-time All-Star during his 17-year NBA career. He would score at will and give the defenses fits as his Triplets surged through the BIG3.

His 175 points on the season were the best in the league by over 40 points, and his legendary knack for showing up at just the right time was on full display. This ended in a 28-point performance in the Championship game in which Johnson and his team took home the trophy. 

Johnson’s method paid off, too, as he will have a chance to resurge his NBA career with the Detroit Pistons this coming NBA Season. Could Carmelo Anthony be next if he joins the BIG3?

Could Carmelo Anthony join the BIG3?

Carmelo Anthony is younger than Johnson and is likely a better player, too. However, even before his regression Anthony struggled with taking a back seat to anyone and developed a reputation as a player who would rather put up stats on a winning team than take a back seat on a losing team.

The BIG3 may allow Carmelo Anthony to show that he can still do both, but Carmelo may be the only thing standing between himself and this opportunity.

BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube has already given Anthony an open invitation for Anthony to join the league if he is interested. Now that Johnson has become the first player in the league to use it as a successful jump-off for an NBA return, the rapper believes that Anthony could become the next feel-good comeback for the league.

The league encourages players to fill up stat sheets and score at will, something Anthony made an entire career of, and with competition that is often in its ’40s and ’50s, Anthony should have no problem dominating the way that Johnson did last year.

The BIG3 would provide Carmelo Anthony with a spotlight and an opportunity to step out on the court rather than try to sell himself through media and wait for a phone call. 

For Carmelo Anthony to join the BIG3, he’d probably have to strike out in the NBA this season, but if this happens, could we soon see him thriving in a 3-on-3 setting? If he wants back in the NBA, it may be his only shot.